Hello, whoever may be reading this. This is the first entry of my brand new fashion blog. I had another blog dedicated to my love of fashion, but I don’t think I put a considerable amount of effort into it. It was very sloppy, and not very well done at all. I figured I’d start a brand new one. So I guess I will now introduce you to your lovely author. 

I’m Meg, I obviously love fashion. I am going to be majoring in journalism, hopefully next fall. I’ve been struggling the past couple of years figuring out what I wanted to major in. I’ve always loved writing, but left it at that. I never looked any further into it, or ever considered a career in it. For a long time I’ve known that I love fashion, ever since I was a little kid, showing off my weird outfits I’d put together in front of my parents. I recently decided why not put the two together, and I’ve ultimately decided that I will major in journalism.
I was looking up advice for prospective fashion journalist’s and read that one of the best ways to get practice and possibly get your name out there is to start a fashion blog. You have to love 2009, where blogging has become so huge that it is helping people land their dream jobs. I only hope this can somehow have at least a tiny bit of help when it comes to getting mine.
Anyway, I want to have a bit of structure to this blog. I don’t want to just have random updates on things I find interesting, or news in the fashion world. I’ve planned a few regular blogs, I don’t know yet if they will be monthly, weekly, etc. 
Some ideas I’ve had are:
A Trend I Cannot Wait For- I’ll talk about an upcoming trend I’m excited about, why I love it, who’s been wearing it, and where to get it.
Style Idols- People who’s style I admire, whether it be a celebrity, or just someone I know personally.
Designer Profile – Designers I love and admire, whether they be old or new, famous or up-and-coming.
What I Wore….- A fashion blogger obviously needs to have a good fashion sense, so why not show it off? It is my blog after all.
Well, my lovelies, there you have it. 

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