Scary or Art?

Since Fashion Week, everyone has been talking about Alexander McQueen’s Fall 2009 show. A lot of people have said it’s scary, one blogger even compared it to Hellraiser. I personally, thought the show was absolutely amazing.

I thought McQueen’s use of color was beautiful. The bright orange contrasting with black, and the beautiful shade of red he used for many different pieces were all very striking. There was quite a bit of houndstooth and stripes seen throughout the collection, houndstooth is a personal favorite of mine. The models wore strange headpieces, like umbrellas, tubed fabric, and one that even resembled a lampshade. The models had very pale skin, and enormous, bright red lips reminiscent of those waxy, edible lips. I thought the whole thing was dark and fabulous.

Alexander McQueen is one of my favorite designers, after his Fall 2009 collection, he continues to be on the top of my list.

♥ Not so daring? Check out Alexander McQueen’s McQ line for Target. It is amazing.

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2 thoughts on “Scary or Art?

  1. sB says:

    MW, this is wonderful.

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