Friggen Fabulous!

Hello Nicole Richie! I think I have an idea of who will be my next Style Idol. 


The extremely awesome Nicole is featured in Blackbook Magazine. I’m increasingly becoming a bigger fan of her. Click away to see more photos!


She’s definitely rocking Lady Gaga’s no longer signature style (thank you Christina Aguilera). She works it well, and I’d much rather see Nicole Richie channeling Gaga instead of Xtina. I guess I’m bias. 


I love the Stephen Sprouse for Louis Vuitton line, if only I could afford it. I think this whole look is really great for Nicole, recently her look has been very boho and artsy. Maybe she’ll have another transformation after she has her next baby.

nicole-richie-blackbook-magazine-03I’m at a loss for words about just how awesome these photos are. 


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2 thoughts on “Friggen Fabulous!

  1. Laet'li says:

    i love them…my complaint is that the bangs give her nose a totally different shape…not bad, just different…not a style i would want her to have allllllllll the time!!

  2. megfaye says:

    I saw that, I was thinking “Has her nose always looked this funny and I just never noticed?”

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