Style Idol: Kelly Osbourne

It’s been quite a while since my last post, and I apologize. I’ve been very sick and have been in out and of different doctors offices, it’s been stressful and I had a complete lack of inspiration. But I’m back! Anyway, on with the post!

My Style Idol for this month is the amazing Kelly Osbourne:




Kelly Osbourne has recently become a fashion icon. The 24 year old middle child of rock star Ozzy Osbourne went from rebellious rock star daughter to rocker chic fashionista in recent years. It all started around the time she began her short lived music career (though I’ve recently read she plans on releasing another album in the near future). With the release of two albums and a visit to rehab came a newfound maturity for Kelly. Her look was more put together and appeared to be more thought out, as well as much more mature than the pink and black outfits reminiscent of Avril Lavigne fans. Her sense of style was always interesting, but I’m a huge fan of the way she dresses now. She has the exact style that I favor, and that is why she is my style idol. 


I think Kelly is great at accessorizing. The love the simple black accessories and glittery shoes she pairs with this bright blue dress. 


I like the simplicity of this outfit, the menswear jacket looks great and her coral lips really stand out.



This is one my favorite outfits I’ve ever seen Kelly wearing. I absolutely love this dress and of course the jacket. I have a white necklace similar to hers but could never figure out what to wear it with. I think it goes great with this outfit and has inspired me to try something similar. 


This outfit is quirky, but I think it’s cute. Her Chanel suspenders and wonderful, Kelly seems to be a huge fan of Chanel. Her bag in the photo above is a heart shaped Chanel bag. Have I mentioned the awesome studded bracelets she’s wearing in each photo? They’re great.

And now, for my affordable Kelly-inspired outfit:



Jacket: Buckle (the jacket looks much better unzipped)

Shoes: Betseyville

Dress: Forever 21

Necklace: Jessica Kagan Cushman 

Bracelet: Urban Outfitters



(I got my Kelly images from, it’s a great Kelly Osbourne fansite. If you are the moderator of this website and would like me to remove these photos, please let me know and I will.)


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