The Fashion Show?

The Fashion Show hosts Kelly Rowland and Isaac Mizrahi

The Fashion Show hosts Kelly Rowland and Isaac Mizrahi


Let me start off by saying that I am not a fan of reality shows. I figured I’d give The Fashion Show a try, just because I love fashion and I do like Isaac Mizrahi. Of course, as many people have been saying, it is definitely no Project Runway. I’ve only watched PR a few times, because I don’t watch very much television. What I saw of it, I really liked. Hosts Kelly Rowland and Isaac Mizrahi are no Heidi Klum and Tim Gunn. Klum and Gunn could host a show about algebra and I’d still watch just to listen to them talk and to see what Heidi is wearing. 

I’m assuming they couldn’t find any female in the fashion world who was in need of a job, so they ended up with Kelly Rowland. Because, when I think Kelly Rowland, I think fashionista. (There was more sarcasm in that than grease on a cheeseburger.) She made the comment “I have sat front row in many many fashion shows,” or something to that extent. I guess if this has actually happened, it is probably because Beyonce invited her. She seemed to mostly just stand back and agree with any criticism or complements that Isaac gave, and most of her input included strange looks at some of the designer’s work.

the fashion show

The show has an interesting cast of contestants. Some of which seem serious about being designers and some who are just so out there, you know they made it onto the show to keep things interesting and to bring the drama. One of them being a man named Merlin, who came dressed as some kind of medieval circus ring leader. His opinion was the only opinion and he was very quick to tell people off, i.e. the source of the drama. If I had to choose two favorites, it would have to be James-Paul and Kristen. 

The first challenge was a Mini Challenge where the contestants had to construct an LBD out of a plain t-shirt. This seemed like some interesting DIY project I’d try when I’m stuck at home with a sewing machine and nothing else to do. They were given one hour and the three winners would be the team leaders for the next challenge. I was very surprised at what they were able to create within an hour. A few of the dresses I would not mind owning. One in particular that I liked was pretty simple, but had one shoulder adorned with black half circles. It was very Lady Gaga if she was told to try and dress modestly. Of course, Kelly didn’t understand it and Isaac didn’t like it very much.

For the second challenge the three teams were told to come up with a must have piece for any wardrobe and then make five looks using this piece. The teams chose a Bolero jacket, Harem pants, and a tube skirt/dress. I really liked the idea of the tube skirt, because it’s such a simple and versatile piece that I could really see everyone being able to have one in their wardrobe. I could understand the Bolero jacket, but Harem pants? Really? I am not a fan and MC Hammer pants are not a must have piece for any wardrobe, especially not silver satin Harem pants.

In the end, each look was presented on the runway, an overall winner was chosen and someone was sent home. My favorite look, which ended up winning was by James-Paul and featured the Bolero jacket, he did the “Evening” look. My second favorite look was Kristen, who used the tube skirt to do a “Casual” look. Isaac disliked Kristen’s outfit and she was in the last two, but wasn’t sent home.

Overall, it is an okay show so far. I do enjoy watching the challenges but the reality show drama is so annoying. I’m not sure yet if I’ll tune in for the rest of the season.

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