Style Idol: Alison Mosshart

The Kills are one of my favorite bands ever. I have no idea how many times I’ve listened to their albums and I have yet to get tired of them. Of course I’m going to choose Alison Mosshart as one of my style idols. I had never paid much attention to how she dressed until The Kills were on the cover of Nylon. Immediately I was in love with her rock star style. Well, not only does she have rock star style, she is a rock star. I don’t think it gets any better than that.


The cover that started it all


After looking through many, many photos of Alison I discovered she wears all of my favorite things, and often. 


Like Leopard Print…


ent0a jeans..




2…and numerous random bracelets.

She sticks pretty true to her sense of style, which I think is awesome. Everything she wears looks so natural on her. It has that look that it was thrown on, but it all goes together perfectly. Her outfits don’t look at all like she stood in front of her closet forever trying to come up with the perfect outfit.

I have stood in front of my closet and came up with many Alison Mosshart-inspired outfits, and here is another one:


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One thought on “Style Idol: Alison Mosshart

  1. alisonkikko says:

    Ke figaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa grande alison!!! per jamie hince sciopero. Alison non rovinarti per uno così,meriti di meglio ciao amore mio

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