Yes, I am an Olsen fan. I was always more of a Mary Kate fan, her look has always been a bit more edgy than Ashley’s…

Both twins are known for their crazy layering and very “hippie hipster” way of dress but, like I said earlier, Ashley has always seemed to play it safe. Even when she was featured in Timothy Whites book Hollywood Pin-ups she was blonde and cute, while Mary Kate had black hair and looked sexy. 

Ashley shows us her darker side in these photos from VMAN Magazine.


Her look is literally darker, with her new black hair. I really hope this isn’t a wig, I am loving her with dark hair. Either Olsen would probably be gorgeous with any color hair. *lucky*

gallery_main-ashleyolsen-vman-magazine-photos-05132009-03This photo has been everywhere lately, but I still love it. It’s sexy, but still obviously focused on fashion. Who knew menswear trousers could be so hot?


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One thought on “Incredible!

  1. themagnificentb says:

    Meg! Holy crap I love your blog!!
    I actually have this issue of VMAN… I’ve become obsessed with it lately. I lovvve these pics of Ashley Olsen though. She looks really iconic and sixties-ish.


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