Denim Leggings?

Ok, let me start by saying I’m a fan of leggings and I’m a fan of skinny jeans. But I am not a fan of leggings as pants, and something trying to look like something else.

I’m all about fashion for every body type, but I also believe you should wear things that flatter you. Leggings as pants are only flattering on certain body types because leggings show everything. 

I like leggings as pants as long as your shirt is just long enough to cover your crotch, something so tight and thin can sometimes not be so attractive right there. That’s really my main concern.

About things that are trying to look like other things, they aren’t made of denim. At least most of them aren’t, so having the seams and denim-like washes are not appealing to me. 

So, are denim leggings good or bad? 

I’m voting bad.

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One thought on “Denim Leggings?

  1. Brigid Catherine says:

    BAD!!! there is no reason I can think of that jeans need to get any more tight then they are, ewww!!!! I wrote a rant in my blog about leggings being worn as pants, I sooo hate them!

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