Exploring Karma Loop

Ok, so I like clothes that are fun. I wandered over to Karmaloop.com out of boredom and I found so many awesome things. I don’t go on that site very often (I really don’t know why), most of the clothes are fricken awesome. (Some are ehhh, but that’s totally my opinion.)

This dress by People’s Market is Blair Waldorf meets awesome. I love clothes that are girly and pretty, then they surprise you with some strange or fun print. Are those goats? Goats and stars? I’ll feel like an idiot if those are something not even resembling goats.

PMWSS09017-CRMzoom1 PMWSS09017-CRMzoom2

I’m also going to stop using the word “awesome” for the rest of this post, I’ve used it more than a fifteen year old girl describing Twilight.

Ok so I do love Hellz Bellz. Everything is so cheeky, and well….fun. This blue “Iconz” tee (that also comes in white) is very very cool. There are some pretty rad chicks adorning this shirt. The neckline has a DIY feel to it, and the pockets that stick out from the bottom are so random, but so expected from Hellz Bellz.


When I think of Tripp NYC I think of Hot Topic and that guy in high school who wore  a chain and suspender covered “one-legged pant” which was just a gothy skirt. BUT! These Tripp NYC pants are pretty sweet. The whole exposed zipper thing is a big trend right now, and I can’t help but love these. They’d most likely look horrible unzipped, lets hope nobody tries that…


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One thought on “Exploring Karma Loop

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