Gossip Girl Fashion Fix- Jenny

Here’s the third part of my Gossip Girl Fashion Fix series, featuring Little J.


Jenny Humphrey (Taylor Momsen)



Jenny’s style is my favorite, it’s definitely evolved with Taylor Momen’s style. (Or has Taylor’s style evolved with Jenny’s? Hm…) Jenny has gone from cute Constance girl to the definition of rocker chic fashionista. I was not a huge fan of the “raccoon eyes” she rocked at the beginning of season 2, it was just way too much for her. Somebody finally picked up on that, and made her makeup edgy, but toned down.

Like I do in each post, every piece from both looks is $100 or less.

Forever 21 at ShopStyle

I didn’t use any plaid in either look, but plaid is everywhere right now. The shirt in this look could be replaced with a plaid shirt and it would still look just as good.

M·A·C at ShopStyle

I had to feature black eyeliner in one of the looks, but just for a nice lined smoky eye or something, no black to the brow bone craziness. I know the jacket isn’t under $100, but these too are everywhere at the moment and this is the best photo I could find of one on ShopStyle.

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One thought on “Gossip Girl Fashion Fix- Jenny

  1. themagnificentb says:

    I think along with Blair, Jenny definitely has the best style of GG. After a while everyone kind of looks the same so I was glad that someone (whoever had the idea to change her style) stepped it up and went the polar opposite direction of preppy.
    And I love Taylor too because she’s not this fake goodie goodie like Miley Cyrus who desperately wants attention. The style works for her because that’s who she is.

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