Gossip Girl Fashion Fix: Vanessa

So here is the fourth part of my Fashion Fix series, featuring my second favorite: Vanessa!

GG07-UP-0002Vanessa Abrams (Jessica Szohr)


vanessa-behind-the-scenes-vanessa-abrams-1180337_270_400Vanessa has the most casual style on the show out of the female characters. It’s very bright, boho and arty. She mixes a lot of patterns and colors, and isn’t afraid of a pair of sneakers.

Express at ShopStyle

I decided to do a Vanessa dressy outfit and one that is super casual, I love this dress. It’s patterned, colorful, and has the ever popular exposed zipper on the front.

Charlotte Russe at ShopStyle

I’m not sure about my choice of tank on this outfit, but when I try to picture somebody wearing the outfit, I like it. I do outfits inspired by the characters, not trying to re-create their outfits, but I think I subconsciously almost recreated an actual Vanessa outfit. On one episode (second season I think) she wore a black jacket, yellow tank, jeans, and bright sneakers. I just now realized that. Oops!

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