Christian Dior Couture- Fall 2009

00500mSo, the Couture shows were just last week (week before? I’m so thrown off) and I’m all over the Christian Dior collection. Looking through the photos was like stepping into a room full of retro, sophisticated women in the midst of getting dressed. (It turns out, it was inspired by half-dressed models from fifty years ago…that explains why I feel this way.) When it comes to hair and makeup, it’s almost as if the original Barbie doll had a closet full of clothes you could change her into. Curly hair, red lips, and light to the brow-bone eyeshadow adorned each model. There were pops of bright colors, delicate detailing, corsets, and thigh high stockings all throughout. I do adore it.

Click below to see more photos.

This was my absolute favorite. I don’t know if it is the bright orange skirt, the retro bra, or the gloves…her pose also adds to it.


I would normally find her headwear a bit strange, but it just works. Am I being bias? Oh well, the belted blazer and what looks like a vest is wonderful.


Would it be strange of me to say I want to get married in this?


This doesn’t need pants, or a skirt, she’ll be fine…

00110mI had to refrain from posting a ton of photos, of course you can go to and check out the rest.

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