Cute & Not-So-Cute: Forever 21 Edition

I’m starting a new series of posts just for fun, they’re called Cute & Not-So-Cute (if you haven’t noticed already).

I’m going to visit some of the best and most popular online shops and pick out items that are super cute, and then make it obvious that not everybody is perfect by picking out that no-so-great item in the bunch. (I’m not trying to sound mean with the end of the last sentence, mostly sarcastic.)


For the first post, I’ve strolled/clicked/whatever over to Forever 21, which is probably one of the most popular shops out there. They have really cute and fashionable clothing for super cheap, so lets check out their dresses…


When I first got to the site I was greeted by a banner advertising their summer dresses. They knew what I was coming for.

59461657-07The dress posing as a tank and skirt have been all over this summer, and a lot of them are really cute. I love the floral print on this, with the hints of black throughout. The gold band in the middle separates it well and brings it all together.

60680707-07Well, look at me being trendy. Here’s something else that has been popping up all over the place, the zipper, and I do love it. This simple halter dress is made a little tougher and more interesting with the silver zipper down the front. This could easily transition from day to night as well.

Not So Cute

61835515-05It’s not like this dress is particularly horrendous or anything, I just don’t like it very much. The ruched tube top and the large floral pattern bother me. It looks very much like something my twelve year old cousin would wear (under a cardi or over a t-shirt), and I think I may just have to show this to her. It comes in four colors, none of which do the dress any good. I love bright floral patterns, like the dress above, but the similar colors and then white don’t work well. It needs to be a smaller pattern and either spread out or set off by a chunk of one color. This does have the plain blue top, but it’s not working like it should to set off the pattern.

59805700-02This dress was called the “Couture” dress. I guess I could see what they were going for, but it didn’t work out well for them at all. The rounded cups look kind of funny, and that huge black flower (?) is a bit much. The gathered bottom looks like you’re forever in the midst of pulling your skirt up. Fix the cups, undo the gathering, and pop that black thing on the hip or maybe even the bottom of the dress off to the side. Something!

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One thought on “Cute & Not-So-Cute: Forever 21 Edition

  1. Brigid Catherine says:

    i used to like forever 21 but I haven’t been to it in a while, my friend bough a pair of high waisted shorts there and they are super cute!

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