Tour De Fashion: Bike Shorts

Bike shorts have been popping up everywhere this summer, and not just on cyclists. They’ve become the sort of knee-length (and shorter) legging for summer. They’ve been peeking out of casual outfits, as well as dressy ones. I’m really liking them, there are so many tunics and short dresses I have that I’ve always paired with tights, a skirt, or jeans. But now I’m glad this trend has come about, because so many of them look so much better paired with some simple black bike shorts. They’re better than regular black shorts because they’re fitted, unless of course you wear really tight shorts, in which case I would suggest bike shorts for you because…….wait for it….they’re insanely comfortable! I believe that’s obvious though.

I’ve mostly seen bike shorts being made fashionable on a lot of blogs and sites like For example, here’s a post where Katy Seibel of Kansas Couture paired some bike shorts with an XL button up shirt, I think this outfit is adorable:

I wore some under a colorful Johnathan Saunders dress with red Chuck Taylors to see the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, I really wish I had a photo, but I digress.

Let’s also jump back to Prada’s Resort 2009 collection. Bike shorts were in half of the outfits, and they were very cute and stylish.


There was also Alexander Wang’s Pre-Fall 2009 collection where they were given a sheer, edgy twist. Then of course, there are many other collections they’ve popped up in throughout the past year.


Of course, besides going to your local Nike store or digging through the drawer where you keep your exercise clothes, American Apparel has bike shorts in every color you can imagine. There are even fluorescent colors if you really want to rock the returning 80’s trend.

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One thought on “Tour De Fashion: Bike Shorts

  1. Brigid Catherine says:

    I love bike shorts! I have a pair of sheer ones and I like to wear them with my mini dresses. Also, thanks for liking my outfit on the fashion police! I was proud of it too. my site is

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