VMAs Best and Worst

Hello blog! I know it’s been quite a while since I’ve updated. I just moved far, far away and I finally have internet again. I have a ton of ideas for new posts, so they’ll be flooding in soon.

I don’t usually do a lot of coverage on awards show fashion, so this will be a rather short post. I’m just going to highlight my most favorite and least favorite look from this years oh-so-dramatic VMAs. Now of course there were other bad looks and other really good ones, but you can hop over to any fashion or celeb blog and see almost all of them.

Least Favorite:


So the shoes are okay, I will give her that. But, why Jennifer Lopez, why? When I see this, all I can think about is that she went in her closet, pulled out one of the many tracksuits she used to wear all the time (yay for that being over), cut off the sleeves and fashioned them into the twisted velvety mess slouching on her arms. Then she just grabbed one of her old strapless dresses, safety pinned them together for good measure and hopped into her limo.

She needs to remove those heinous sleeves, let her hair down, or at least don’t have it slicked back and the outfit will be perfectly fine. Gorgeous in fact. Woman, you are beautiful, show it!

Most Favorite:

AlexaChung2I think Alexa Chung looks PERFECT. Okay, kidding, but she does look pretty awesome. Her makeup is perfect, it flatters her eyes, and isn’t too harsh like some other people were rocking. (Lo Bosworth…) This dress could have so easily gone in the direction of 1920’s vintage wedding to middle school dance. The length and black tulle peeking out underneath, along with the accentuating waistline really make it work. The cutout booties and clutch really bring it all together. So kudos Alexa, you were my favorite look of the night.


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