Runway Trend: Temporary Tattoos

The most unlikely of trends has popped up on several Fashion Week runways: tattoos. It started at Rodarte, with their futuristic tribal sleeves, half sleeves and neck tattoos.


At Chanel, there were pretty black and white tattoos that looked like jewelry.


There was more of a “prison tat” feel going at Jean Paul Gaultier. The models names were stenciled on various parts of their body.


Could this trend take off? Will temporary tattoos start popping up in stores next Spring? I think it’s an interesting new twist, I’d probably try something like tattoos at Chanel. It’s a very pretty, artistic addition to an outfit. So, was this just a runway trend, or will some of us be slapping on temporary tattoo sleeves in the near future?

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3 thoughts on “Runway Trend: Temporary Tattoos

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