Style Idol: Daisy Lowe

Sorry it’s been over a month since I last posted! I’ve been so busy with work, a new semester at school, and getting a new apartment! I’d love to photoshop this entry up and make it lovely, but I’m still working on getting my other computer set up. I felt I needed to post something. (You know, for the 2 readers I do have…)

Daisy's Swarovski Crystallized capsule collection

So I’m back with a new Style Idol……Daisy Lowe. The 21 year old English fashion model and daughter of Gavin Rossdale has been on the rise as of late. She’s been on the runway for Anna Sui, Vivienne Westwood Red Label, Charlotte Ronson and other fabulous designers. The British bombshell is not the shy type; she isn’t afraid to wear a revealing dress to a party or to pose nude for a magazine cover at the age of 18. Her style is edgy, trendy, and ever-changing. She always appears to have wandered off the runway, and when on the runway she looks like she’s wandered out of her own closet.

This outfit is pretty tame for Daisy, but still super trendy and very cute. It’s very appropriate for Paris Fashion Week.

The girl knows how to layer. The liquid leggings are downplayed by the simple scarf and tee, but kept fun with the printed jacket. And of course, a bright, young pop of color with the purple handbag.

I’m  a sucker for something dark, edgy and sexy. All of which she pulls off so well.

Not many people were a fan of this look, but I love it. Though, I am not loving the LV bag she has in this photo and the one above it.

So what would Daisy wear? Here’s my Daisy Lowe inspired look:

Topshop at ShopStyle
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