My Closet

I just got a new apartment and the closet is fabulous. It’s the reason I chose the apartment. The huge L-shaped closet connects the master bedroom to the bathroom. It has one long wall with a bar and shelves, another shorter wall with a bar and shelf, and then a whole wall of shelves perfect for shoes.

I’ve literally moved maybe 1/8 of my clothing over. Work and school have been crazy lately and I haven’t had a chance to get everything moved. So until then, I figured I’d work on making my closet rad.

I framed some awesome photos from a spread in Vs. Magazine and stacked a few random CDs that were lying around. I’ve also got my leggings and the one pair of jeans I own. (I hate jeans)

Target blue flats. Steve Madden t-straps. Converse tweed Chuck Taylors. Aldo sequined sneaks. tee.

I’m sure once I bring the rest of my shoes over, I’ll have to take the clothes off the shelves. For now though, I really like it.

more Target flats. Jessica Simpson glittery pumps. Rodarte tee.

I threw some of my belts over the rail and stuck my cardigans and a couple of my jackets on the smaller side, along with a photo of Jessica Stam that I framed and haven’t found anywhere to hang yet.

New York & Company studded belt. Charlotte Ronson grey leopard cardigan. Forever 21 moto jacket. Delias “Sherlock Holmes” peacoat.

I figured Lou Reed would look nice next to my Reds/Whites/Greys/Blacks.

Forever 21 red skirt. Born Famous Couture striped chain tee. Charlotte Russe plaid button up.

I can’t wait to move the rest of my clothes in!!!! Or maybe not, I probably won’t have room left….

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