Fashion Vomit: Converse Thong Sandal

Fashion Vomit can be one of two things:

1. Too many styles are put together into one piece, such as a “navajo print baseball burnout crop top.”

2. When something fashion-related is so utterly terrible that it makes you want to vomit.

I think this could be considered either of the two I mentioned above:

A Converse All Star thong sandal.

Classic Chuck Taylors….

……flip flops


They cost $40 and if you want breezy toes, warm ankles, and confused looks you can get them here.

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2 thoughts on “Fashion Vomit: Converse Thong Sandal

  1. olivia says:

    Dig your blog. Don’t did this fashion crime. I cant figure who the demographic for this shoe would be. Any ideas?

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