Summertime Chic

Welcome to my first group post for Southern Fashion Bloggers, a group of fabulous gals who share a love of fashion and live in the same geographical location!

My favorite Summer shoes are my trusty black wedges. I was coveting Dolce Vita’s version, but had to be frugal and pick up what Target had to offer. They are some of the most comfortable shoes I own; I’ve worn them for hours at work, made my way up and down Frenchman St, and have even gone grocery shopping in them. I am not kidding about the comfort.

I also love the chic, modern design that adds an edge to even the prettiest dresses.

Now head over and check out the other posts from this month’s group post!

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2 thoughts on “Summertime Chic

  1. olivia says:

    do you regularly stalk UAL? i just bought an awesome pair of leather Dolce Vita booties there for $50 (originally $350). Have nabbed other finds like a $1,300 Dell Aqua dress on clearance for $100, a $900 Givency leather paneled skirt for $200, and $800 Balmain swarovsky studded flats for $200. Regular visits have helped me to acquire things i could never afford otherwise. And the staff helps me watch my favorite items =)

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