A Decade of Fab: The 70’s

The 1970’s are one of my favorite decades when it comes to fashion. In the early years, Hippies were still going strong. Then you had the arrival of Glam Rock and Punk, bringing their own new look to things. The 70’s were also the ever popular Disco era. Polyester was most definitely not uncommon, and platform shoes were a favorite of both men and women.

Look for: Hot Pants, Bellbottoms, Platform boots and shoes, Lamé, Wrap dresses, Leather biker jackets, Studs, Doc Martens, Sequined tops, Baseball tees, Leotards, Jumpsuits, Ripped jeans, Rhinestones

Colors/Prints: Paisley, Leopard Print, Shimmery, Metallics, Jewel Tones

Face/Hair: Feathered hair (Farrah Fawcett, Middle Parts, Afros, Mohawk, Messy Crop, Natural Waves, Eccentric Glam Makeup, Natural makeup

Watch: Velvet Goldmine, Annie Hall, Saturday Night Fever, Sid & Nancy, Sleeper

Read into: Halston, Pam Grier, Marc Bolan, Vivienne Westwood

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