White Collar. Blue Collar. Silver Collar. Lace Collar.

I love a good collar. Whether it be on a well-worn button up shirt, a cute little dog, or your friend that has that not-so-secret fetish. Not to sound too fashiony, but collars have been everywhere lately. They’ve technically been everywhere for a long time, but for right now “everywhere” means all of the shops and blogs I stalk.

For me personally, it gets too damn hot here to put on a fitted shirt and button it all the way up. When you pop on a standalone collar, you can toss it over a dress, over a cool tee, or over another collar if you’re some kind of crazy risk taker.

Gold Sequin: ASOS – White Beaded: Topshop – Floral: Marni

Lace: Romwe – Fringe: DANNIJO – Faux Leather: Karl

Don’t want to spend too much cash? Get yourself to the nearest thrift store, grab a men’s shirt, and chop that collar off. Then stud it, dye it, paint it, bead it, fringe it. (Probably not all of those at once or it’ll be some kind of chic vomit.)

You can even fake that coated denim look by choosing a denim collar and using a sponge brush to paint it. Paint it the color of the denim, or dye the denim first to the color you’d like. Once it dries you’ll have that shiny leather look.


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4 thoughts on “White Collar. Blue Collar. Silver Collar. Lace Collar.

  1. I was slightly resistant to the collar trend, since it reminded me of these god awful turtleneck dickies we had to wear in middle school band. I think I’ve been out of 8th grade long enough to shake off the bad memories and approve these necklace alternatives. And you’re right, who wants to layer at this time of year anyway?

  2. amanda says:

    i lovvveee this, going to a thrift store this week to try it out!

  3. I was slightly wary of the collar trend, but these babies are AMAZING! Consider me converted!

  4. riamichelle says:

    I suck at DIY, but I’m all about buying little collars here and there.

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