Fashionably Lost It

Let me just go ahead and warn you that this may come across as some hipster, anti-corporation, stuck up white girl rant. Seriously, if you replace the words “fashion” and “clothes” with “groceries” and “local” I might as well just quit showering, invest in some thrift store overalls, and adopt a pit bull named Garfunkel. Let me also mention that I’m not talking about runway fashion, the beautiful breathtaking art that designers are still sending out at Fashion Weeks across the world have not let me down. 



Omg black lipstick? NO WAY.

So it’s been a while, whatever, who cares. Over that. What I’m also over, is what happened to fashion you guys? I’m young, but in the number of years that I’ve been conscious as to what exactly “fashion” is and how that whole world works, things have changed. I remember when I was an adolescent, social outcast who went to a small southern high school filled with kids in cargo shorts and Birkenstocks. I’d spend my afternoons hidden in my room looking over old Vivienne Westwood runway photos while simultaneously watching the Hills and looking at what girls in cool Brooklyn-based bands were wearing. “Oh shit, LC wore bike shorts under her floral top? How Blossom meets Claire of her.”

A thing like bike shorts instead of real shorts or leggings, would be a short-lived trend that would come and go before you could figure out what to wear with the pair you paid $48 for at Urban Outfitters.(But wasn’t that like 2009 or something?) There were little things like that, small trends that would pick up quickly after some socialite or semi-famous cool girl tried it out one day and posted it to ChicTopia, then they would be dead by the next season. Urban Outfitters and their strained attempt at trying to be on the cusp of what is SUPER COOL ATM was the most mainstream it got when it came to those trends.

This is exactly what I expected to happen when galaxy print leggings made an appearance. I thought “Ok, do I want to spend too much money on a pair of leggings that I think are hella cool when everybody is just going to look at me weird in three months?”  But that didn’t happen. I didn’t buy them, I decided I’d rather pay rent on time that month than be hip. Quite some time later I was wandering through Target with my arms full of things I didn’t need when something caught my eye. Was it? No. Couldn’t be. This isn’t Wasteland, or Nasty Gal. But there they were, galaxy leggings for a mere $14. Now I know Target has cool clothes, I own way too many of them, they also have their designer collaborations and bring fast fashion to the masses, but this? It had spread far and wide, and was showing no signs of giving up life anytime soon. Just like an actual galaxy I suppose.

Then it transformed into Hi-Low skirts and dresses at Buy-Everything-for-Super-Effing-Cheap mega conglomerate corporate soul sucking chain Wal-Mart. The mullet trend, still seen on the likes of the Man Repeller and applied to nearly every type of clothing one can imagine at the aforementioned Urban Outfitters, was at Wally World right next to white denim capris with little palm trees embroidered on them.

Where did the creativity and originality go? Where did “oh my god you don’t understand I NEED riding pants RIGHT NOW because they’ll be over soon,” go? To me it feels like a waste to spend too much money on some studded loafers just to see them for 1/8 of the price at some mall store a week later. Is it that there is no “cool girl” anymore or that we are all now cool girls despite our budget or social standing?

One thought on “Fashionably Lost It

  1. This is why I really hate trendy, slave to fashion dressing. Because you have to 1. be an early adopter and spend an exorbitant amount of $$$$ or 2. hold out until a cheapie store starts churning out the style, and by then it isn’t cool anymore. Once I see something on more than 2 fashion blogs, I don’t want it anymore. Sucks.

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