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Good or Bad: ModCloth’s Suit Heels

My favorite thing about ModCloth is their shoes, they have such a great variety of styles and prices. Though I don’t think I can wrap my head around these “Heels That Suit You.”

Yes, they’re cute and fun, and I like the striped heel, but aren’t they a bit too costumey? They’d make for a cute 40’s or 50’s costume, but I’m not sure about wearing them on your average night out.

Would you wear them? And if so, how would you style them?

On a side note, these are some heels I could behind:

I know, they aren’t any less crazy than the first pair…

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Ew: Forever 21 “Joggers”

I already have a huge issue with the world of plus sized fashion, and Forever 21 is not helping. So many plus size lines and brands feature some of the tackiest and least flattering clothing I can imagine. These just made my eyes hurt:

They are Denim “Joggers,” which I’m assuming means they’re pretty much denim sweatpants. And they are so tragically paired with sky high heels. How is that at all supposed to be flattering or attractive on a curvy girl? Even a skinny girl? Harem pants are gaining popularity, but they taper at the ankle to show that the wearer has some sort of figure. These pants just add ten pounds, who wants that?The point at the ankle where the pants stop is terrible, if you don’t have Nicole Richie’s ankles, then I can’t even imagine the horrid stumps your legs will turn into.

But, if for some reason these are your kind of thing, they’re $24.80 and also come in terribly outdated light denim.

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American Flag Fashion: Good or Bad?

For quite a while (since the Spice Girls took over our childhoods maybe?) the Union Jack has been fashion’s foremost flag. While the American Flag has been deemed tacky by some, it’s popping up everywhere. I’ve seen everything from a $15 Forever 21 tank to Balmain’s $1515 flag tank that’s been causing quite a stir.

Balmain Spring 2011 Photo:

And then of course, there are these stunners from Jeffrey Campbell. I absolutely love Jeffrey Campbell and rarely find a shoe that I dislike, but I’m not sure how I feel about American Flag platform sandals.

Photo: Nasty Gal

Honestly, I’m not sure how I feel about American Flag anything. I just can’t get into it.

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Fashion Vomit: Converse Thong Sandal

Fashion Vomit can be one of two things:

1. Too many styles are put together into one piece, such as a “navajo print baseball burnout crop top.”

2. When something fashion-related is so utterly terrible that it makes you want to vomit.

I think this could be considered either of the two I mentioned above:

A Converse All Star thong sandal.

Classic Chuck Taylors….

……flip flops


They cost $40 and if you want breezy toes, warm ankles, and confused looks you can get them here.

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Good or Bad: Velvet and Clogs

(I’ve noticed that the ShopStyle widget isn’t working, I’m trying to fix it. But if you’re interested in viewing the items and my other looks, I’m MegFaye on!)

Velvet has been a big trend this fall, in part with the 90’s making a comeback. I love the return of plaid, combat boots, looser fits and higher waists but I just can’t get behind clogs and velvet. I had a pair of Candys clogs back in the 90’s, they were brown slip-in clogs with a heel. I loved them; I wore them as often as I could and they were the first shoe I had with any sort of heel. But not even the nostalgia can make me like them again. I mean, I loved scrunchies in the 90’s too, but I will most definitely not be seen with giant bunched up fabric wrapped around my hair.

But I digress, what about you guys? Clogs and Velvet: yes or no?

(I do somewhat like the clog boots, like the Jeffrey Campbell ones below)






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Good or Bad: Peep Toe Boots

6a011571147793970b011571350176970b-800wiPeep toe boots and booties have been everywhere recently, and the trend will continue into Fall. I love a good pair of booties and certainly a good pair of boots, but I’ve never been the biggest fan of peep toes. I can’t figure out why, I just don’t like them very much. But some of these boots are so awesome, for example the Alexander McQueen’s to the left, they are inspired by a leather moto jacket, how cool is that? For Fall they are being paired with tights (first we get peep toes for Fall and now it’s okay to wear tights with open toe shoes? Awesome!) and certain styles seem like they’ll transition to Fall well, if you got them over the Summer. So the question is, are these shoes good or bad? I’ll probably pick up a more affordable pair to try out the trend for myself and see if I can just maybe be turned into a peep toe fanpeeptoe

1. L.A.M.B $329

2. Bebe $105

3. Givenchy $995

4. Wet Seal $36

5. Charlotte Russe $30

6. Prada $636

7.Christian Louboutin $1,795

8.Aldo $140

9.Luichiny $104

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VMAs Best and Worst

Hello blog! I know it’s been quite a while since I’ve updated. I just moved far, far away and I finally have internet again. I have a ton of ideas for new posts, so they’ll be flooding in soon.

I don’t usually do a lot of coverage on awards show fashion, so this will be a rather short post. I’m just going to highlight my most favorite and least favorite look from this years oh-so-dramatic VMAs. Now of course there were other bad looks and other really good ones, but you can hop over to any fashion or celeb blog and see almost all of them.

Least Favorite:


So the shoes are okay, I will give her that. But, why Jennifer Lopez, why? When I see this, all I can think about is that she went in her closet, pulled out one of the many tracksuits she used to wear all the time (yay for that being over), cut off the sleeves and fashioned them into the twisted velvety mess slouching on her arms. Then she just grabbed one of her old strapless dresses, safety pinned them together for good measure and hopped into her limo.

She needs to remove those heinous sleeves, let her hair down, or at least don’t have it slicked back and the outfit will be perfectly fine. Gorgeous in fact. Woman, you are beautiful, show it!

Most Favorite:

AlexaChung2I think Alexa Chung looks PERFECT. Okay, kidding, but she does look pretty awesome. Her makeup is perfect, it flatters her eyes, and isn’t too harsh like some other people were rocking. (Lo Bosworth…) This dress could have so easily gone in the direction of 1920’s vintage wedding to middle school dance. The length and black tulle peeking out underneath, along with the accentuating waistline really make it work. The cutout booties and clutch really bring it all together. So kudos Alexa, you were my favorite look of the night.

Dani Stahl Zipper Leggings–Best Left Zipped.

Remember when I mentioned the Tripp NYC pants with the zipper in the back? I said they would probably look bad if the zipper were ever to be worn unzipped. I was planning on just leaving that to my imagination because I figured it would probably never happen.

Well, it has….and I was right, it looks really bad.


What you’re looking at is a pair of Dani Stahl leggings from LNA. You know, they’re just your average $115 leggings designed by the NYLON Mag style director. They have a zipper in the back that would be cool, if they were not unzipped and then worn as pants.

I can’t help but love the silver pair (they also come in a liquidy black). They’ve got that futuristic, spacey thing going on. Oh, and look! They’re zipped and they look really great that way. I’m not really in the mood to shell out $115 for shiny silver leggings, but I am now on a search for a cheaper, Spock-approved pair.


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Cute & Not-So-Cute: Forever 21 Edition

I’m starting a new series of posts just for fun, they’re called Cute & Not-So-Cute (if you haven’t noticed already).

I’m going to visit some of the best and most popular online shops and pick out items that are super cute, and then make it obvious that not everybody is perfect by picking out that no-so-great item in the bunch. (I’m not trying to sound mean with the end of the last sentence, mostly sarcastic.)


For the first post, I’ve strolled/clicked/whatever over to Forever 21, which is probably one of the most popular shops out there. They have really cute and fashionable clothing for super cheap, so lets check out their dresses…

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Oh Lily, no…

So after putting Lily Allen on my list of Top Ten Most Fashionable Frontwomen, and pardoning her for dressing like a sailor once, she goes and does this:

Now, I read that her blazer was buttoned up to begin with, I guess I wouldn’t have minded that. A little lace peeking out never hurt anybody, but just straight unbuttoning it and performing in lingerie…hmm. I’m all about being comfortable in your own skin, and for instance, her topless photo for ID magazine was fine. It was a very pretty photograph, and very tastefully done. I just don’t think performing in lingerie is tasteful. At least she’s wearing pants.

I forgive you again Lily…..

(click under the jump for the ID photo I mentioned. NSFW…unless you work somewhere awesome, then yay for you!)

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