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A Decade of Fab: The 70’s

The 1970’s are one of my favorite decades when it comes to fashion. In the early years, Hippies were still going strong. Then you had the arrival of Glam Rock and Punk, bringing their own new look to things. The 70’s were also the ever popular Disco era. Polyester was most definitely not uncommon, and platform shoes were a favorite of both men and women.

Look for: Hot Pants, Bellbottoms, Platform boots and shoes, Lamé, Wrap dresses, Leather biker jackets, Studs, Doc Martens, Sequined tops, Baseball tees, Leotards, Jumpsuits, Ripped jeans, Rhinestones

Colors/Prints: Paisley, Leopard Print, Shimmery, Metallics, Jewel Tones

Face/Hair: Feathered hair (Farrah Fawcett, Middle Parts, Afros, Mohawk, Messy Crop, Natural Waves, Eccentric Glam Makeup, Natural makeup

Watch: Velvet Goldmine, Annie Hall, Saturday Night Fever, Sid & Nancy, Sleeper

Read into: Halston, Pam Grier, Marc Bolan, Vivienne Westwood

A Decade of Fab: The 60’s

I don’t even know where to begin with the sixties. Mods? Rockers? Jackie O? Twiggy? Early Hippies? The 1960’s were a huge time for fashion; there was a much wider variety of trends and styles than previous decades. Skirts got shorter, boots got taller, styles became more risque and eccentric.

Look for: Babydoll dresses, Shift dresses, Cropped skinny pants, Flared jeans, Go-Go boots, PVC, Sequins, Pillbox hats, A line mini skirts, Chanel-inspired skirt suits, Wide brim hats

Colors/Prints: Brights, Rich colors, Black, White, Color blocking, Crazy prints, Checkered print, Paisley, Space inspired silver and spacey prints

Face/Hair: Bouffant, Afros, Bobs, Pixie cut, Short thick bangs, Exaggerated eyeliner, Pastel eyeshadow, Nude lips,

Watch: Mad Men (of course), Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Barbarella, Young Birds Fly

Read Into: Jean Shrimpton, Brigitte Bardot, André Courrèges, Mary Quant

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A Decade of Fab: The 50’s

With the 1950’s came with the glorification of the all-American housewife and the infamous Pin-Up girl. Silhouettes took on an hourglass shape; larger chests and wider hips were the ideal. The 1950’s were also the beginning of youth culture, and with that came a whole new set of styles and trends. When looking back on 50’s fashion most people think immediately of the Hollywood starlet or the retro housewife, but we can’t forget the Teddy Girls and Beatniks.

Look for: Pencil skirts, cuffed trousers, saddle shoes, cotton dresses, metal zippers, fitted blouses,

Colors/Prints: Pastels, Subdued hues, black/grey (for Teddys and Beats) florals, stripes, plaid

Face/Hair: Prim and proper styles (Audrey), Bouffants (Sophia), Short bangs (Bettie), Gorgeous curls (Liz)

Watch: Rear Window, Jailhouse Rock, Teaserama

Read Into: Pierre Balmain, Lucille Ball, Jack Kerouac

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A Decade of Fab: The 20’s

Since I’m a fan of vintage clothing, the history of fashion and because we’re nearing Halloween, I’m going to be doing a series of posts. Each post will feature a decade and a bit about the styles of that decade. It’s a bit of a history lesson and also a little how-to if you want to expand your wardrobe, or if you need costume ideas!

First up are the 1920’s, a decade where people began to let loose from the constraints (literally, no more corsets) of the previous couple centuries. Women’s fashion went in the direction of a more boyish figure; smaller chests and hidden waists were a break from the pushed up and tucked in. Rayon, a synthetic silk became popular and was available to the masses in a time where silk was expensive and somewhat hard to come by. Fashion and general style got more laid back and creative throughout the 20’s and 30’s.

Look for: Beading, Fringe, Drop-Waist, Trousers, Mid-Length Skirts, Mandarin Collars, Cloche Hats, Fur Trim

Colors/Prints: Jewel Tones, Muted Colors, Art Deco and Exotic Prints

Face/Hair: Cupid’s Bow Lips, Curly or Straight Bobs

Watch: Chicago, Boardwalk Empire

Read into: Coco Chanel, Zelda Fitzgerald, Jean Patou

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