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Outfit of the Day(s)

I keep saying I need to put more of myself on my blog, but I’m kind of lazy. I have been posting outfits on Instagram, so while they aren’t fabulous and professional photos, they’re better than nothing!

To me, this outfit is the best representation of my style. While I like everything, I think if I had to describe my style, it would be vintage-inspired with lots of black and too much lipstick. This is seriously a leopard print robe, and when paired with heels and worn over shorts that are too short for my snow white stems I feel like some kind of Vegas prostitute. Which is totally fine by me…

Then I completely stepped out of my comfort zone. There was a little jolt of panic when a coworker mentioned I wasn’t wearing a stitch of black that day. I just couldn’t resist this blue Hawaiian print dress. The orange flatforms were an impulse buy and I’d sat in my room staring at them for days wondering “What the hell do I do with you?” I also love the cold shoulder on this dress, I’m self conscious about my arms, and having that little bit peeking out makes me feel confident and not so covered up on 90+ degree days.

I’m wearing this white shirt now and I never want to stop wearing it. It’s a giant triangle shaped piece of cloth with a hole cut in the middle. I love the way it hangs and can’t wait to pair it with a cropped jacket and leggings once Summer is over. (Oh gosh, has Summer even officially started yet?) I love pairing simple black and white with pops of bright color. My teal moccasins are so damn comfortable and I am in love with this neon pink lip color. The photo does not do the color justice, it hurts my eyes when I’m putting it on.

Another venture from my usual. I got this eggshell button up at Buffalo Exchange forever ago and having a simple button up like that is a necessity. I’ve worn it to court, as a swimsuit cover up, and now tied at the front like a valley girl. I tried the pink lace dress on, not thinking it would ever zip in the back and just to see. It zipped. I cried. I bought it. I got the shoes on sale at Urban Outfitters and they broke the same day, boo Urban. Boo.

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Street Style Brunch

NOLA Fashion Council and Revival Outpost hosted a street style brunch on Sunday. I didn’t get to attend the brunch during Fashion Week, so I’m glad I was able to stop by this one for a bit. It was at the super fantastic Ste. Marie in the CBD. On to some photos, I’m seriously hoping you’ve got a good browser and internet connection. Maybe steal your neighbor’s.

Here’s a shot of the fabulous little crowd that had gathered before I had to leave.

I didn’t even have to try to make him look worthy of a street style shot.

Yes. I wore a chopped up denim vest and neon pants to brunch. I was so happy the Ste. Marie has a very modern interior.

We’ve got the ladies of the Revival Outpost/Blue Dream, including R.O. owner Christina. Third to the right is Ragdoll owner, Rachel.

Of course the ladies of the Elizabeth Chronicles looked fabulous as always. You can’t quite tell, but Rachel has colorful printed shorts under her sheer white top. It’s a great way to start incorporating brights into your wardrobe.

We got to chat with Charles and Victoria, who are an adorable couple with great style.

To the right, we have Jasmine of Sequin Crush. I love her mustard crop top and colorful headband.

And of course, a food pic! I had the Andouille Benedict with crawfish. Nothing will ever taste good again. Ever. Seriously.

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black on black on black

I love black. I love sheer. I love flowy. I also think an all black, sheer and flowy ensemble needs a little plastic. Not just plastic so you can pay for said ensemble, but plastic to add texture. Too much sheer and flowy and you’ll look like smoke, or a shadow, or possibly a Ringwraith/Dementor. Fear not, patent isn’t only reserved for the 60’s and early 2000’s. Everything comes back, and if you know what you’re doing you can definitely tote a giant patent messenger bag. Or maybe patent creepers? Or a shiny vinyl watch?

Top: Alexander Wang

Dress: TopShop

Watch: NIXON

Shorts: ModCloth

Ring: H&M

Bag: 3.1 Phillip Lim

Creepers: ASOS

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Catch Up

I tend to fall of the face of the Earth and let weeks pass by without me even realizing it. But I’m sure anyone who reads this regularly has noticed that by now. So it’s cool. Right? Anywho, here’s what has been going on:

  • I attended New Orleans Fashion Week for Slow Southern Style and took oodles of photos. Check them out, along with my recap HERE!

Loretta Jane (photo by me)


photo courtesy of Little Chief Honeybee

And that’s about it. Not much. Oh well.


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Hip Hop Summer

I know it’s not even spring yet, but I’m sitting here on this dreary day dreaming of summer. For me, days inside are spent perusing blogs and shops looking for my next season’s wardrobe inspiration. For summer, I’m really feeling a 80s-90s Hip Hop influence. The colors were bright and fun, but the look was still edgy. I think it’s the perfect way to experiment with this coming spring’s pastels and summer’s neons without looking too young and girly.

Sneakers – Supra

Bracelet – ASOS

Tee – dope (local!)

Wedges – United Nude

Shorts – TopShop

Bra – Deborah Marquit

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Jason Wu for Target: Fast Fashion for the Hungry Masses

So Jason Wu for Target came out today and can I just say, “whoa.” Seriously.

I’ve shopped Target’s designer collections before, but I’ve never gone on the first day. It was not what I expected. I knew people got excited and showed up early, but I was picturing a few chic sleepy girls calmly picking out their favorite pieces and going on their way. Not at all. It was insanity like I’ve never seen. We’ve all seen the high-end designer sample sales where people line up for hours, rush inside and nearly fight with each other over that season’s hottest piece. But this happening at a Target in the suburbs? Fast Fashion may not be as wonderful as I previously thought.

Fifteen Minutes In

I woke up bright and early, made my way out to my nearest Target just a few minutes after it opened and there was nothing. People had lined up an hour or so before (7am on a Sunday does not exist to me) and rushed inside once the doors opened. I spoke to some of the girls shopping and some of the employees to find out what I’d missed. Some of the first people in were eBay sellers. They grabbed handfuls, ran to the registers and spent thousands of dollars. Everyone else just began snatching up what they wanted. I overheard one frantic girl say, “I’m just grabbing my size, not things I like.”

The fitting room line was SERIOUS

¬†After wandering around the now barren Jason Wu corner, I made my way over to the fitting rooms. People had lined up with carts full, employees were calling out when a room opened up and the next girl would race in. Girls were climbing over the counter and grabbing for the items that needed to go back, employees were calling out when someone gave up a popular item. One found a scarf and held it up, five girls jumped at her in an attempt to snatch it. Once everyone had gotten in,¬† a group of girls had gathered around like vultures waiting to take pieces people didn’t want. Several of them recognized each other from the Missoni release and began comparing finds. These girls were clinging to this stuff like they’d discovered treasure.

Some of these people had never heard of Jason Wu before his Target line was announced. So why all the insanity and obsession? A majority of these girls didn’t even really care about fashion, they just liked the excitement and the accessibility to something hyped up to be rare and limited. I managed to find one of the satchels that someone had left behind and planned on buying it as a souvenir, but gave it up to a girl who came up to me in tears and asked if I was seriously going to buy it.

But I did get a lovely red blouse, and that is it for me.

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Teal & Silver Tax Return

I’ve already spent my tax return and I haven’t even done my taxes yet. This is why I’m always broke. But I’ve decided I really want this outfit, so it’ll be okay. I love teal and silver together and all of these pieces are something I could get a lot of use out of. I just can’t decide which shiny Jeffrey Campbells I want…

The Trashy Diva ballerina dress is such a classic style and it’s so versatile; I love that they’ve got it in this gorgeous new color. The harness adds a sophisticated edge with the leather collar which would work perfectly with the shape of the dress. Finally, a pair of super shiny, super high, silver shoes.

Dress: Trashy Diva

Harness: Zana Bayne

Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell

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Langford Market Blogger Party

I got invited to an event for fashion bloggers at Langford Market, and was so excited. The French Quarter boutique is absolutely adorable and their staff is a great group. The event was last night, and while I only sporadically snapped a few photos, I thought I’d share them with you. I also scored an awesome cream blazer, but I’m saving that for another post.

A demonstration on layering for Fall/Winter was given.

Mannequins were styled.

Here’s mine! I styled it with Mallory of Miss Malaprop

Photos were taken.

Many cocktails were had.

My outfit!

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Fringe Twins

I got my hair done today, and I can’t say I wasn’t inspired by Jean Shrimpton.

(I know Laet’li, you came up with Fringe Twins.)

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Fashion Challenge: $100 Outfit

The Southern Fashion Bloggers have a presented a challenge; put together an entire outfit that costs $100 or less. I am most definitely a frugal shopper and love finding a good deal so I was kind of excited when I saw their post. Now I may have technically cheated, as I didn’t go to my closet for my outfit. But I’ve just been feeling so uninspired with my own wardrobe lately and have been looking to revamp it. So I looked no further than my job, I went to Funky Monkey and threw a look together. I don’t really feel like I’m cheating, as this place has seriously become my closet. Too many times have I shown up at work and gotten dressed. I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to get myself a brand new outfit.

Top: $26

Skirt: $30

Shoes: $24

Bracelets: $10 each

It worked out too perfectly, totaling at exactly $100. I went for a silky soft bird print shirt, a trendy hi-low skirt and neutral shoes to balance out the rest of the outfit. I topped it off with two vintage gold bangles, because you can’t not have jewelry.

I’m also happy to say that I will be getting rid of my Summer Ombre’d hair on Friday. Yay!

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