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Definitely Not Subtly Sexy

I’ve always been attracted to a darker sense of style; but what about when it comes time to get down to your skivvies? Dani Read brings the already provocative styling to lingerie for her line FYI. The collection boasts bras, tops, teddies, and undies featuring chains, studs, leather and spandex. My favorite piece is the studded and zippered “Polly” bra. Pyramid studs and zippers have been popular for quite some time and have recently declined as an uber-trend. (Is it terrible that that makes me want them more?) All in all, the collection is perfect for the girl who wants to accent her darker outside, or who has a dark secret on the inside.

Photos: FYI by Dani Read

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Capes You Guys, Capes…

Alexander Wang’s “Fabiana” sandals have capes. CAPES. YES!

You thinkin’ what I’m thinkin?

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So…Black Milk is Back.

Photo: Ninelle Efremova

After a short hiatus due to a sudden burst in popularity, the Australian spandex-centric clothing site is back.

 I felt the need to post about the site, because I just can’t stop running into them. I took a moment to stray from the fashion related to look over Buzzfeed and take part in the internet, when there they were. They were featured first for their graphic mini-dresses, then later for their shark swimsuits (Nerds especially love Shark Week.) They subsequently received such heavy traffic that the site was shut down due to an inability to process orders on time. Yay for that.

Now I just have to justify spending $75 on these beauties:

Mountains of Mars Leggings

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Weather’s Got Me Dreaming…

It’s rained nearly every day the past two weeks, the overcast and breezy weather has me craving Fall. I’m not a fan of the heat, and Fall/Winter apparel is my absolute favorite. So I may be jumping the gun here, but these are the things I cannot wait to buy:

Oversized Sweaters and Blazers

Both:  MinkPink

Chic Long Sleeve Dresses

Alexander Wang + Calvin Klein Collection

Mid-Length and Leather Skirts

Sparkle & Fade + BB Dakota

Black Leather Ankle Boots with a Wooden Heel

This craving is incredibly specific, not just any boot will do!

Jeffrey Campbell

Are you dreaming of Fall? Or do you prefer the hot weather?




Also, be sure to check out my guest post for Slow Southern Style!

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He Who Wears the Crown…

Delicate beautiful crowns by Polish designer Kasia Biskup.

I found these on one of my favorite sites, NOT JUST A LABEL. It’s an online shop and site dedicated to independent contemporary designers.

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American Apparel Nail Laquer Review

Fueling my obsession with nail polish, many retail stores are branching out into the world of beauty. Cosmetics are becoming as trendy as clothing, and nail polish is on the forefront of said trend because of the crazy and creative manicures we’ve seen on the runways and on the likes of Katy Perry and Rihanna.  It’s also good from a marketing standpoint, a nice display with a fun array of colors right there on the counter. It’s hard not to buy some when they’re 3 for $15 which was the case today at American Apparel.


L’Espirit – Neon Orange – California Trooper

The first thing I liked was the selection of colors. They have your classic red, basic colors like nude and black, then a nice array of more interesting tones ranging from a lovely turquoise shade to a great mustard yellow (which I have to go back and purchase, as mustard is my favorite color.) I think my favorite thing about American Apparel is their color choices, despite all the controversy and snootiness, it’s those muted tones and deep shades that keep me coming back.

I went with the three shown above, I didn’t want to go overboard and purchase every color I liked in case the polishes were just terrible. I did this at Urban Outfitters and after needing about ten coats I had lost my patience. L’Espirit and California Trooper are amazing. They are thick and glide on easily, needing only one coat. L’Espirit is a beautiful pale lavender that is interesting yet subtle. California Trooper is a lovely tan,  it reminds me of clay and those days in ceramics class where my nails would be coated in it and I’d stare at my hands wishing there was a polish in that color. Now there is, and it’s probably my favorite ever due to the fond memories it brings.

The neon orange is…..tricky. I’ve read that neon polishes are somewhat difficult when it comes to application and staying power, but it’s just a trend and not something I’ll need for year round or consistent wear. It takes several coats for opaque color, and a steady hand. It’s kind of gloppy, which is the only word I can think of to describe it. I had a lot of cleaning around the nail to do once I was done, and once I saw my nails in natural light I realized I still hadn’t applied enough. I suggest using somewhat quick strokes and be careful not to have too much polish on the brush to get it perfectly even. I now understand why Cupcakes & Cashmere has a How-To on neon nails.

In the end, I would definitely recommend AA’s nail polish, it’s cheap and easy *insert joke here* and has great color payoff. I’d recommend the neon polish if you have some patience and skill (and short nails, long nails with neon goes from daring to scary.)

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Good or Bad: ModCloth’s Suit Heels

My favorite thing about ModCloth is their shoes, they have such a great variety of styles and prices. Though I don’t think I can wrap my head around these “Heels That Suit You.”

Yes, they’re cute and fun, and I like the striped heel, but aren’t they a bit too costumey? They’d make for a cute 40’s or 50’s costume, but I’m not sure about wearing them on your average night out.

Would you wear them? And if so, how would you style them?

On a side note, these are some heels I could behind:

I know, they aren’t any less crazy than the first pair…

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Photo: Susie Bubble/Ashish

It is hard to even think about the warm, layered clothing of Fall while it is getting hotter and hotter in New Orleans. But of course, that chilly time of year will be here before we know it…hopefully.

I haven’t been able to find good photos of the A/W 2011 collection from Ashish, which I am madly in love with. It so happens that the fabulous Style Bubble has a great post with a few photos and some proper photos of their magnificent creepers. Susie Bubble DIY’d her own pair and I have to say, I do like hers better and I plan on creating my own spiderweb tights once the weather permits.


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Pattern Clash

I finally ordered a tripod and remote for my Nikon!

I’ve always wanted this to be a personal style blog and two years in (eek) I will finally make it so.

To celebrate, here’s a partial photo of my outfit today. I found some fabulous high-waist black and white striped shorts at the thrift store and paired them with this insanely amazing button up shirt I found at Buffalo Exchange. It has everything from flowers, stripes and polka dots, to some guy lounging with a drink on the back.

Shirt: Buffalo Exchange – $7
Shorts: Thrifted Liz Claiborne – $3


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Skin & Bones

I have just fallen in love with jewelry by Gisele Ganne, the UK based jewelry designer really knows how to make the dark side of things spectacularly beautiful.

All photos: Gisele Ganne

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