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Rodarte for Opening Ceremony


(I know this came out forever ago, forgive me.)

All photos: Opening Ceremony

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Vintage Score!

Super quick post, but I just got a great vintage dress that someone brought into the shop today. Pure silk, super soft, green leopard print. Sneak peek before I style it up:

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How Did I Miss This? Jean Paul Gaultier Fall 2010 Couture

While obsessing over Dita Von Teese I came across photos from the Jean Paul Gaultier Fall 2010 Couture show and was stunned. I have no idea how I let this get past me, it’s beautiful. It’s the dark, retro collection of my dreams. It’s like Sci-Fi  Film Noir come to life, think Gattaca. I loved the super retro but eccentric turbans in various gorgeous colors. And how wonderful did Dita Von Teese look in that skeletal work of art she stripped down to? I think I need to a Style Idol post on her, she’s definitely a very huge influence on my taste in fashion. You can view the entire collection here.

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Miu Miu for LESS!

Leave it to the always cheap and chic Forever 21 to have their own spin on one of Spring’s most popular shoes. I fell in love with Miu Miu’s printed satin platform pumps. They came in some gorgeous colors as well. I’m not sure what it is I love about this shoe, but I love it nonetheless. The original sells for about $570 (correct me if I’m wrong..)

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Fabulous! Daphne Guinness for NARS

Daphne Guinness is one of my style idols! (Hmm, maybe a post on that soon?) But for now, she’s the new face of NARS Cosmetics.

Their Autumn/Winter 2010 Collection goes on sale July 15. The collection includes a new shadow, “Guinness” which is the gorgeous purple color she’s wearing in the above photo. I hope to see more photos from this campaign soon.

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$10 Forever 21 Pumps

If you’re a budget shopper (like I try to be), Forever 21 has some suedette pumps for only $10! They come in black, red, and blue. I ordered a pair, but they haven’t come in yet; so I’m not quite sure if they look as cheap as they are. Hopefully not, but for ten dollars I won’t be too disappointed. They’re perfect for somebody who doesn’t wear pumps often and wants a cheap pair to wear every now and then.



Clicking the photo will take you to the site!

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“LOL”han no more?

My friend and I recently coined the term “LOL”han in reference to Lindsay Lohan. He’s a blogger with a penchant for celeb gossip and news. [The Magnificent B] Now that I’ve seen this photo of her promoting her line of leggings (6126) at a party in Beverly Hills, and it makes me like her again. Or at least, want to like her again. She looks so cute and fresh-faced. She looks years younger than she does in any recent photos I’ve seen of her. This is also one of the first outfits I’ve seen her wear in a long time that I like every part of. Yes, I’m even loving the ripped tights. I really want that dress, I mean really really want. It’s probably way out of the range of what I’m willing to spend, but if anyone reading this has any clue, comment and let me know who the designer is.

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Found! Whitney Thompson of ANTM

The photo is the opposite of flattering, I just had to post it.

Ever wonder what happens to the winners of ANTM? The lucky girls who strutted their ways to a promised future as a TOP model? Okay, maybe you don’t. I never really sit around saying to myself “Gosh, where is Jaslene?” (who by the way, was auditioning as a model on one of the final eps of Project Runway). I am intrigued when I see one of the previous winners while scouring the internet for new clothes, or when watching fashion-related television.

While checking out what’s new over at Forever 21, I saw a very familiar face modeling F21’s Plus Size clothing line “Faith 21.” While Whitney is not plus size by most standards (and neither is a majority of the Faith 21 collection) she is by fashion standards. It was hard to recognize her at first, because she’s brunette again. She was brunette when she auditioned for ANTM, then Tyra turned her into a bleach blonde cheerleader, and now she’s brunette again. I like her so much better with darker hair. She kind of looks like an extra on Mad Men, or is that just me?

Smile with those eyes Whit!!!

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How to Wear: Beaded Bra

Ok, I saw this fabulous beaded Forever 21 bra over at The Fashion Police, they weren’t too happy with it, but I fell in love immediately. I just knew I could totally put a look together with it to make it work. I already think a bit of lingerie peeking out of the right outfit is sexy and edgy, so why not glitzy beaded lingerie?

Christian Louboutin at ShopStyle
This bra is out there, it’s definitely not made to be worn under many shirts. It’ll definitely snag, so I think pairing it with a light, sheer tank in a thinner fabric will really help. The gray Kimberly Ovitz tank has a low enough neckline to let a majority of the bra peek out. You could always take some scissors to a cheaper tank and either give it a deep v-neck or keep the round neckline and make it super low.
The bra and tank would be perfectly fine together, but I wanted to dress it up more by adding a simple black blazer. The Robert Rodriguez blazer isn’t too flashy, it lets the bra be the centerpiece. I think the strong shoulders add just a bit of an edge to the outfit.
I think some slim, black skinny jeans would be best with this. We already have a glitzy bra, and a blazer, so to keep it out of Glam Secretary territory, I chose denim. The jeans really dress it down enough, continuing the use of the bra as the focal point.
Simple, chic, black platform booties by Christian Louboutin would make the ultimate finishing touch, and continues adding to the edge. I always try to make an outfit edgy, but for something more glam and sophisticated, a platform pump would work really well.
And that is how I would make this fabulous bra work, in the most wearable way possible.
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Dries Van Noten for Less


The Dries Van Noten Spring ’09 RTW collection was full of chunky silver, black, and gold necklaces and bracelets. If you happen to be a Dries Van Noten fan and an avid Forever 21 shopper, you may have already noticed the similarities between their “Disco Fun” and “Polished Globe” necklaces and the lovely necklaces from DVN. If you haven’t, I’m here to show them to you.

64707829-02The first necklace is a smaller, more wearable alternative. I was looking at it in the store and it looks rather cheap. You can immediately tell the balls are plastic, and they’re disco balls.  But if you’re a big DVN fan and want to replicate the look for cheap, you may be able to pull it off in the dark, or from far away. Or maybe just try the next necklace…

64854889-01I like this one much better, the globes are in fact, polished, like the name suggests. They aren’t weird disco balls that remind me of some Mardi Gras beads. I think the black makes the silver pop more and this necklace doesn’t look as cheap and plasticy as the other one.


The first necklace is $7.80 and the second is $10.80. Now all you need is a headscarf, some great sunglasses, and something bright.

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