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Rise or Fall?

Steven Meisel's high-low shoot for Vogue Italia

    Is the Fashion Industry one that will someday die? In our current economic state, certain industries are falling. Most noticeably so the print industry. With the rise of the internet, social media and blogging there is hardly any need to pick up a magazine or a newspaper. Why pay someone to write an article when someone just as capable is uploading it to WordPress for free? Why pay people to photograph celebrities when there are ten people with iPhones uploading the same photos to Facebook before People Magazine can put the ink on paper?

While the fashion industry in print form is definitely in trouble, is the fashion/clothing industry as a whole? People will always care what they put on their bodies. Clothing is a form of expression, whether you personally intend it to be or not. Even the people who “don’t care” about style still show a bit about who they are through what they wear. We are living in an era where image is an obsession, one that is becoming easier to get.

Being trendy is becoming a trend itself. Target’s designer collaborations are both sustaining the fashion industry and making it more accessible. Now the middle-class woman can deck herself out in Missoni and emulate the photos of celebrities splashed throughout tabloids. Affordable designer collabs like Vera Wang for Kohl’s, Versace for H&M, and Christopher Kane for TopShop are taking some of the mystery and glamour out of high end fashion, but also keeping it in business. It’s become such an empire, something so wanted and craved for that they can put a Rodarte tag on any old dress and thousands of girls will flock to buy it. It is the idea of it that is making people continue to swipe their credit cards.

With the way clothing is mass produced now and trends are still ever-changing I think the clothing industry will be just fine, at least in my lifetime. Who knows if in the future we will all be wearing matching space-age jumpsuits (though I do love a good jumpsuit). The real problem though, is luxury fashion. It has been flip-flopping for the past few years. While Karl Lagerfeld has defended Chanel and other large fashion houses, we all remember Alexander McQueen’s Fall ’09 collection, the trash-filled comment on luxury exuberance. During the 2008 economic crisis, Betsey Johnson, Carmen Marc Valvo and Vera Wang were not to be seen in Bryant Park during fashion week. Just a few years later, the infamous $39,000 backpack from luxury brand The Row sold out. While the overall appeal may be dwindling, I don’t think luxury brands are going anywhere either.

Clothing in every price range continues to stimulate our economy. Looks like I’m working my way up the right ladder.

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Alexander McQueen Spring 11 RTW

I’m not even going to apologize from now on, I’m officially the worst blogger ever. I’m now writing my posts from a cramped New Orleans coffee shop. But I digress, I know its been forever. Lets just move on.

I know I write about McQueen A LOT. My sporadic posts are 97% of the time involving McQueen. I can’t say it enough, McQueen McQueen McQueen. But I have to post this. The Spring 2010 RTW collection was Sarah Burton’s (Lee McQueen’s successor) debut after the iconic designer’s passing. It does not disappoint.

The entire collection is so…. crisp. Everything seems perfect and sharp, the colors are intense and the construction immaculate. It’s also a good followup to the late designer’s (or should I say ‘legend’) final collection. It continues with the romantic, medieval feel; everything so is royal and some pieces have a sort of Spanish influence.


Photos and the entire collection: Style.com

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NYFW: Betsey Johnson

So I tend to fall in and out of love with Betsey Johnson. She’s been a name in the fashion world for ages, and you’ve got to give it to her for being so outrageous. Her Fall 2010 collection happens to be one that I love.

It’s got this wild west whimsy about it. There are tons of well-layered pieces in an array of gorgeous colors.

Though it does all seem rather sporadic, but that is how Betsey rolls.

I loved seeing Kelly Osbourne walking for Betsey Johnson. I think she’s the perfect person to show of Betsey’s quirky fashions. Sexy ‘stasche!

The colors of the collection flowed beautifully from reds and greens, to browns, to purple, then black and white, to pink, more purple, then black and then ending finally with:

The wonderful Alexander McQueen tribute.

Remember those lips?

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“Rest in peace, Mr. McQueen”

I’m sure everyone has heard the tragic news, that fashion legend Alexander McQueen died today. The above quote from from Dita Von Teese’s Twitter update this morning. He was an inspiration to so many people, including myself. It’s just so appalling and so hard to lose someone so wonderful and so creative. I really have no other words at the moment, Tim Blanks’ piece at Style.com says it all.

McQueen in Harper's Bazaar


Gaga/McQueen Fabulousness

I am loving the video for Lady Gaga’s newest single “Bad Romance.” It’s so risquè, edgy and fabulous. Lady Gaga is known for her avant garde music videos and style; “Bad Romance” most definitely does not dissapoint. I also happen to love Alexander McQueen’s extravagant designs from his Spring 2010 runway show, where a demo of the song premiered. So of course, the video is filled with McQueen/Gaga fabulousness. You could almost make a drinking game out of spotting the McQueen.

The video starts with Gaga in the gorgeous gold dress, which I personally think fits and looks better on her than the model. Maybe it’s the hair?


She wears the curvy, bone-like, ridculously tall platforms with her infamous plastic dress, and again in black at the very end of the video.

Around the middle she struts in head to toe McQueen. Well, I don’t think “strut” is exactly the word for how one would walk in McQueen’s lobster claw shoes. I think “stumble” is a tad more appropriate. But the video is absolutely fabulous nonetheless.

 So, did I miss anything?

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Good or Bad: Peep Toe Boots

6a011571147793970b011571350176970b-800wiPeep toe boots and booties have been everywhere recently, and the trend will continue into Fall. I love a good pair of booties and certainly a good pair of boots, but I’ve never been the biggest fan of peep toes. I can’t figure out why, I just don’t like them very much. But some of these boots are so awesome, for example the Alexander McQueen’s to the left, they are inspired by a leather moto jacket, how cool is that? For Fall they are being paired with tights (first we get peep toes for Fall and now it’s okay to wear tights with open toe shoes? Awesome!) and certain styles seem like they’ll transition to Fall well, if you got them over the Summer. So the question is, are these shoes good or bad? I’ll probably pick up a more affordable pair to try out the trend for myself and see if I can just maybe be turned into a peep toe fanpeeptoe

1. L.A.M.B $329

2. Bebe $105

3. Givenchy $995

4. Wet Seal $36

5. Charlotte Russe $30

6. Prada $636

7.Christian Louboutin $1,795

8.Aldo $140

9.Luichiny $104

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Scary or Art?

Since Fashion Week, everyone has been talking about Alexander McQueen’s Fall 2009 show. A lot of people have said it’s scary, one blogger even compared it to Hellraiser. I personally, thought the show was absolutely amazing.

I thought McQueen’s use of color was beautiful. The bright orange contrasting with black, and the beautiful shade of red he used for many different pieces were all very striking. There was quite a bit of houndstooth and stripes seen throughout the collection, houndstooth is a personal favorite of mine. The models wore strange headpieces, like umbrellas, tubed fabric, and one that even resembled a lampshade. The models had very pale skin, and enormous, bright red lips reminiscent of those waxy, edible lips. I thought the whole thing was dark and fabulous.

Alexander McQueen is one of my favorite designers, after his Fall 2009 collection, he continues to be on the top of my list.

♥ Not so daring? Check out Alexander McQueen’s McQ line for Target. It is amazing.

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