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Found! Whitney Thompson of ANTM

The photo is the opposite of flattering, I just had to post it.

Ever wonder what happens to the winners of ANTM? The lucky girls who strutted their ways to a promised future as a TOP model? Okay, maybe you don’t. I never really sit around saying to myself “Gosh, where is Jaslene?” (who by the way, was auditioning as a model on one of the final eps of Project Runway). I am intrigued when I see one of the previous winners while scouring the internet for new clothes, or when watching fashion-related television.

While checking out what’s new over at Forever 21, I saw a very familiar face modeling F21’s Plus Size clothing line “Faith 21.” While Whitney is not plus size by most standards (and neither is a majority of the Faith 21 collection) she is by fashion standards. It was hard to recognize her at first, because she’s brunette again. She was brunette when she auditioned for ANTM, then Tyra turned her into a bleach blonde cheerleader, and now she’s brunette again. I like her so much better with darker hair. She kind of looks like an extra on Mad Men, or is that just me?

Smile with those eyes Whit!!!

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