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To Die For: Christian Louboutin Fall/Winter 2011

[I know I know, I had a bit of a hiatus. I even missed my blog’s 1 year anniversary in March. But I’m back now and hopefully I’ll be able to post more often than I did before. So onward!!!]

I keep thinking of the Lightbulb heel from a couple years ago.

I love this dreamy, whimsical campaign by Peter Lippman. It’s an excellent way to show off one hell of a collection. Christian Louboutin never ceases to amaze me (or most of the fashion-loving world for that matter).

Can I have this fish tank?

But now, on to the shoes!

I want to sell my car and buy a few pairs of these. I may start to rely on public transportation in the name of fashion. I may also be the only person ever to wear brand new Loub’s on the New Orleans streetcar….which is totally fine with me.

My faves are the Lili Marlene, Bibi, Dorepi, Lipspikes, Bridget’s Back and Pigalili. I know there are plenty more to the collection, (including some denim and brown leather booties that I just really don’t want to admit are Loub’s…..sorry! And the leather boots with studs on the toe, which are gorgeous!) but those are my faves out of what I’ve posted.

I thought a much closer look at the Dorepi was needed. Just stare at this for a moment, really let it sink in. The thin, spike heel and curve of the shoe with the small toe and delicate chain on the back highlighted by the classic red bottom. This shoe alone will give me a fetish.

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How to Wear: Beaded Bra

Ok, I saw this fabulous beaded Forever 21 bra over at The Fashion Police, they weren’t too happy with it, but I fell in love immediately. I just knew I could totally put a look together with it to make it work. I already think a bit of lingerie peeking out of the right outfit is sexy and edgy, so why not glitzy beaded lingerie?

Christian Louboutin at ShopStyle
This bra is out there, it’s definitely not made to be worn under many shirts. It’ll definitely snag, so I think pairing it with a light, sheer tank in a thinner fabric will really help. The gray Kimberly Ovitz tank has a low enough neckline to let a majority of the bra peek out. You could always take some scissors to a cheaper tank and either give it a deep v-neck or keep the round neckline and make it super low.
The bra and tank would be perfectly fine together, but I wanted to dress it up more by adding a simple black blazer. The Robert Rodriguez blazer isn’t too flashy, it lets the bra be the centerpiece. I think the strong shoulders add just a bit of an edge to the outfit.
I think some slim, black skinny jeans would be best with this. We already have a glitzy bra, and a blazer, so to keep it out of Glam Secretary territory, I chose denim. The jeans really dress it down enough, continuing the use of the bra as the focal point.
Simple, chic, black platform booties by Christian Louboutin would make the ultimate finishing touch, and continues adding to the edge. I always try to make an outfit edgy, but for something more glam and sophisticated, a platform pump would work really well.
And that is how I would make this fabulous bra work, in the most wearable way possible.
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Good or Bad: Peep Toe Boots

6a011571147793970b011571350176970b-800wiPeep toe boots and booties have been everywhere recently, and the trend will continue into Fall. I love a good pair of booties and certainly a good pair of boots, but I’ve never been the biggest fan of peep toes. I can’t figure out why, I just don’t like them very much. But some of these boots are so awesome, for example the Alexander McQueen’s to the left, they are inspired by a leather moto jacket, how cool is that? For Fall they are being paired with tights (first we get peep toes for Fall and now it’s okay to wear tights with open toe shoes? Awesome!) and certain styles seem like they’ll transition to Fall well, if you got them over the Summer. So the question is, are these shoes good or bad? I’ll probably pick up a more affordable pair to try out the trend for myself and see if I can just maybe be turned into a peep toe fanpeeptoe

1. L.A.M.B $329

2. Bebe $105

3. Givenchy $995

4. Wet Seal $36

5. Charlotte Russe $30

6. Prada $636

7.Christian Louboutin $1,795

8.Aldo $140

9.Luichiny $104

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Bruno Frisoni
Bruno Frisoni

Aren’t these mowhawk heels by Bruno Frisoni amazing? No doubt edgy, so click for more shoes!

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