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Denim Jacket Love

It’s about 10 million degrees with 100% humidity and getting hotter way down here in New Orleans, but I am obsessing over denim jackets for some reason. Its such a classic piece, but edgy as well. So here are some beautiful people, in fabulous jackets.

The Vintage:

Via: Kryz Uy

I love oversized 80’s/90’s denim anything, and I think this jacket is perfect paired with a simple tank and delicate skirt.

The Denim on Denim:

Via: Olivia Harrison

Denim on denim takes guts and a healthy dose of confidence, paired with some attitude, you’ve got one great outfit.

The Modern Style:

Via: Jessica Stein

I love the simple front and layered back of this cropped jacket, her simple black ensemble really lets it stand out.

The Classic:

Via: Sarah B.

Just your classic, simple, denim jacket perfectly paired with a flirty dress and adorable shoes.

The DIY:

Via: Lydia Rose

While this is a moto vest, it’s still denim, so it counts. I love the randomly placed studs, gems, buttons and cute bow.

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Bruno Frisoni
Bruno Frisoni

Aren’t these mowhawk heels by Bruno Frisoni amazing? No doubt edgy, so click for more shoes!

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Random Find- Buddhist Punk

Buddhist Punk Silk Biker Jacket $187.56 @ asos.com

Buddhist Punk Silk Biker Jacket $187.56 @ asos.com

I stumbled upon this Buddhist Punk jacket at asos.com and I love it. I don’t wear bright pink very often, but I really like the overall structure of the jacket.

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