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To Die For: Christian Louboutin Fall/Winter 2011

[I know I know, I had a bit of a hiatus. I even missed my blog’s 1 year anniversary in March. But I’m back now and hopefully I’ll be able to post more often than I did before. So onward!!!]

I keep thinking of the Lightbulb heel from a couple years ago.

I love this dreamy, whimsical campaign by Peter Lippman. It’s an excellent way to show off one hell of a collection. Christian Louboutin never ceases to amaze me (or most of the fashion-loving world for that matter).

Can I have this fish tank?

But now, on to the shoes!

I want to sell my car and buy a few pairs of these. I may start to rely on public transportation in the name of fashion. I may also be the only person ever to wear brand new Loub’s on the New Orleans streetcar….which is totally fine with me.

My faves are the Lili Marlene, Bibi, Dorepi, Lipspikes, Bridget’s Back and Pigalili. I know there are plenty more to the collection, (including some denim and brown leather booties that I just really don’t want to admit are Loub’s…..sorry! And the leather boots with studs on the toe, which are gorgeous!) but those are my faves out of what I’ve posted.

I thought a much closer look at the Dorepi was needed. Just stare at this for a moment, really let it sink in. The thin, spike heel and curve of the shoe with the small toe and delicate chain on the back highlighted by the classic red bottom. This shoe alone will give me a fetish.

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