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So…Black Milk is Back.

Photo: Ninelle Efremova

After a short hiatus due to a sudden burst in popularity, the Australian spandex-centric clothing site is back.

 I felt the need to post about the site, because I just can’t stop running into them. I took a moment to stray from the fashion related to look over Buzzfeed and take part in the internet, when there they were. They were featured first for their graphic mini-dresses, then later for their shark swimsuits (Nerds especially love Shark Week.) They subsequently received such heavy traffic that the site was shut down due to an inability to process orders on time. Yay for that.

Now I just have to justify spending $75 on these beauties:

Mountains of Mars Leggings

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Weather’s Got Me Dreaming…

It’s rained nearly every day the past two weeks, the overcast and breezy weather has me craving Fall. I’m not a fan of the heat, and Fall/Winter apparel is my absolute favorite. So I may be jumping the gun here, but these are the things I cannot wait to buy:

Oversized Sweaters and Blazers

Both:  MinkPink

Chic Long Sleeve Dresses

Alexander Wang + Calvin Klein Collection

Mid-Length and Leather Skirts

Sparkle & Fade + BB Dakota

Black Leather Ankle Boots with a Wooden Heel

This craving is incredibly specific, not just any boot will do!

Jeffrey Campbell

Are you dreaming of Fall? Or do you prefer the hot weather?




Also, be sure to check out my guest post for Slow Southern Style!

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I don’t know how I end up with the weekend off so often, but I seriously need to thank my boss. I just got this lovely shirt from work and now I’m wondering why I took so long deciding if I wanted it. It’s so comfortable and perfect for a hot day while remaining polished. I love the cropped front and long back. It looks best with only a bandeau underneath (or straight up bra if that’s how you like it) but I spent the day with my younger cousins, so I figured I’d keep it classy.

I took “hand on my hip” to a new a extreme.

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Style Idol: Erin Wasson

I can safely say Erin Wasson is a total badass. The tattooed Victoria’s Secret model has perfected her messy sexy style and has layering down to a science. Her hair was ombre’d before ombre’d hair was a thing. It just happened that way. I had the pleasure of meeting her once and I must say, she is twice as awesome in person. She reeks of confidence and attitude, while still being laid back and cool.

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Anchors Away

I love my thrifted vintage anchor flats!


But they definitely are not beach shoes.

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Urban Excursion

I got a Saturday off and the last thing I wanted to do was spend it at home. The heat wasn’t so bad today, so I spent the day out and about.

Shirt: Vintage

Skirt: Target

Purse: Coach

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Good or Bad: ModCloth’s Suit Heels

My favorite thing about ModCloth is their shoes, they have such a great variety of styles and prices. Though I don’t think I can wrap my head around these “Heels That Suit You.”

Yes, they’re cute and fun, and I like the striped heel, but aren’t they a bit too costumey? They’d make for a cute 40’s or 50’s costume, but I’m not sure about wearing them on your average night out.

Would you wear them? And if so, how would you style them?

On a side note, these are some heels I could behind:

I know, they aren’t any less crazy than the first pair…

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Summertime Chic

Welcome to my first group post for Southern Fashion Bloggers, a group of fabulous gals who share a love of fashion and live in the same geographical location!

My favorite Summer shoes are my trusty black wedges. I was coveting Dolce Vita’s version, but had to be frugal and pick up what Target had to offer. They are some of the most comfortable shoes I own; I’ve worn them for hours at work, made my way up and down Frenchman St, and have even gone grocery shopping in them. I am not kidding about the comfort.

I also love the chic, modern design that adds an edge to even the prettiest dresses.

Now head over and check out the other posts from this month’s group post!


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Easy Pretty

I was never one to gravitate towards things that are “pretty.” I like a more modern and edgy sort of style, but when the heat gets intense sometimes it’s best to have an easy dress.

I love this dress because the floral pattern really stands out and requires minimal accessories. I already get fashionably lazy during the Summer because even after 22 years, I can’t take the heat. So I do love having pieces that make it look like I tried, without even having to think about it.

I love this photo, but hate that my belt is askew so we will just pretend it’s not…

Dress: Vintage, Funky Monkey

Shoes: Target

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