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Dries Van Noten for Less


The Dries Van Noten Spring ’09 RTW collection was full of chunky silver, black, and gold necklaces and bracelets. If you happen to be a Dries Van Noten fan and an avid Forever 21 shopper, you may have already noticed the similarities between their “Disco Fun” and “Polished Globe” necklaces and the lovely necklaces from DVN. If you haven’t, I’m here to show them to you.

64707829-02The first necklace is a smaller, more wearable alternative. I was looking at it in the store and it looks rather cheap. You can immediately tell the balls are plastic, and they’re disco balls.  But if you’re a big DVN fan and want to replicate the look for cheap, you may be able to pull it off in the dark, or from far away. Or maybe just try the next necklace…

64854889-01I like this one much better, the globes are in fact, polished, like the name suggests. They aren’t weird disco balls that remind me of some Mardi Gras beads. I think the black makes the silver pop more and this necklace doesn’t look as cheap and plasticy as the other one.


The first necklace is $7.80 and the second is $10.80. Now all you need is a headscarf, some great sunglasses, and something bright.

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Cute & Not-So-Cute: Forever 21 Edition

I’m starting a new series of posts just for fun, they’re called Cute & Not-So-Cute (if you haven’t noticed already).

I’m going to visit some of the best and most popular online shops and pick out items that are super cute, and then make it obvious that not everybody is perfect by picking out that no-so-great item in the bunch. (I’m not trying to sound mean with the end of the last sentence, mostly sarcastic.)


For the first post, I’ve strolled/clicked/whatever over to Forever 21, which is probably one of the most popular shops out there. They have really cute and fashionable clothing for super cheap, so lets check out their dresses…

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Big Girls Need Love (from the Fashion World) Too.

Beth Ditto for Evans

As I’ve mentioned before I am a fan of Beth Ditto and her band the Gossip. Well, after refusing to play at Topshop because their clothes are too small, she’s now getting her own plus-sized line for Evans. All of the pieces scream Ditto and have her rock star edge. The capsule collection will be out July 9, and right now over at the Evans website, you can enter to win a domino print scarf. 


bethditto-781081Beth Ditto is a such a doll! (I know it’s cheesy, get over it)


Faith 21

Forever 21’s plus-sized collection Faith 21 came out back in May, but only recently did it expand to more stores across the US.


Forever 21 is known for their sizes running small. For me, I could only fit into certain items that were a size large. The plus size clothing goes up to a 2x, and it seems to be a rather small 2x. I went and shopped the collection the other day and loved it. There seemed to be a lot of thought put into the clothing, almost everything was cinched, tapered, ruched, etc. in the most flattering places. Every single thing I tried on (and I tried on a lot) accentuated my curves and was extremely flattering. The above dress looked so good in black, I couldn’t resist. I now have a new LBD. 

I also thought it was great that there is a very fashionable plus size collection that is also extremely affordable. They had an awesome yellow pencil skirt that was made from good material and had great detail for only $14.80. I don’t think you have to be a size 4 to love fashion, and I don’t think it should be hard for girls who aren’t skinny to find trendy and flattering clothing. I admit, it would be nice to see a few more sizes, but I understand that does cost more. Most of the clothes seem good for the girl who couldn’t quite fit into a large and then the next size up. But overall, kudos Forever 21.


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