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Streetstyle: Taxi Driver

I meant to do this a while back as a Summer trend thing, but I’m a terrible procrastinator. I decided I might as well do it even though it’s a bit late in the game, because it would be fun! So the lovely Erica and I did a streetstyle-esque shoot inspired by one of my favorite films, Taxi Driver.

All clothing: Funky Monkey

I know giant platforms would better replicate the original look, but I thought Erica’s white oxfords gave it a more modern, relaxed feel. (Also because…well…that’s what she wore that day.)

Since I’m so behind, I threw together a 70’s inspired look for Fall!

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I don’t know how I end up with the weekend off so often, but I seriously need to thank my boss. I just got this lovely shirt from work and now I’m wondering why I took so long deciding if I wanted it. It’s so comfortable and perfect for a hot day while remaining polished. I love the cropped front and long back. It looks best with only a bandeau underneath (or straight up bra if that’s how you like it) but I spent the day with my younger cousins, so I figured I’d keep it classy.

I took “hand on my hip” to a new a extreme.

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