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How To: Make A Sweatshirt Chic

It is finally cooling down in New Orleans; and by “cooling down” I mean below 70 degrees. Now we can really begin to work with layering, which is key in this city/region.  I won’t lie, I love to be comfortable and I’m also rarely willing to risk that comfort for the sake of fashion. But it presents me with a challenge, and I love a challenge. So I’m taking the ultimate in comfort, a men’s crewneck sweatshirt and glamming it up.


 Option 1:

 Pardon me for going all dark, but I have to.  This one is about playing with texture, especially when you’ve got a lot of one shade. The sweatshirt itself is super simple, so you want a pleated maxi skirt and some sky high killer boots. Toss a bright belt over the sweater for a pop of color on top of all the bleak black, and add a floppy wool hat to play off the flowy skirt.

 Option 2:

I went to the next level of fabulous for this one. Grab a crisp white button up (a definite wardrobe must have) and put the sweater on over it, with the collar on the outside. Add a chunky bib necklace to keep the white/grey combo from getting too boring. I love these printed shorts, they are the ultimate way to play up more simple pieces. Finish it all off with a bright loafer. Best part, when you remove the sweater you’ve got a chic and polished outfit underneath.

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House of Harlow 1960

Nicole Richie seen wearing a necklace and headband from her collection

Nicole Richie seen wearing a necklace and headband from her collection

I don’t know about all of you out there, but I can’t help but love Nicole Richie. Well, Nicole Richie after she stopped being friends with Paris Hilton, grew up, and became a mom. Her style went from club-hopper to gorgeous fashionista. She now has her own jewelry line called House of Harlow 1960. I know this jewerly line isn’t brand new, but I’d like to write about it anyway. The line was named after Richie’s daughter Harlow, which I think is really sweet. I think it’s also a great name for the line.

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