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Top 10 Most Fashionable Frontwomen

Female musicians are some of the most confident and best dressed women out there. Many musicians, male and female alike, are admired for the way they dress. Some women not only captivate their audience with their music, but with their stage presence and choice of clothing. Others just have a great sense of style, regardless of whether or not they’re performing or just showing up for an interview. Some also bring their eccentric stage style to the street. (Lady Gaga, I’m talking about you.) For this list, I’ve picked my ten favorite women based on the way they dress while performing.

I’m gonna start off with #10, if you like what you see, click the link for the rest!

#10 Lady Gaga


I debated whether or not to include Lady Gaga in this list. Her style is pretty controversial. One minute she’s being applauded for her avant garde, eccentric style, the next she’s being called crazy and tacky. It’s definitely love/hate with Lady Gaga, but she keeps it interesting. I like that she’s out there, it only adds to her performance. I would prefer if her street style were a bit different. It’s becoming almost predictable, we know when she leaves the house a leotard and glitter will most likely be involved. But, for the sake of an awesome live performance and something unique on stage, she makes my list.

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