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So…Black Milk is Back.

Photo: Ninelle Efremova

After a short hiatus due to a sudden burst in popularity, the Australian spandex-centric clothing site is back.

 I felt the need to post about the site, because I just can’t stop running into them. I took a moment to stray from the fashion related to look over Buzzfeed and take part in the internet, when there they were. They were featured first for their graphic mini-dresses, then later for their shark swimsuits (Nerds especially love Shark Week.) They subsequently received such heavy traffic that the site was shut down due to an inability to process orders on time. Yay for that.

Now I just have to justify spending $75 on these beauties:

Mountains of Mars Leggings

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Dani Stahl Zipper Leggings–Best Left Zipped.

Remember when I mentioned the Tripp NYC pants with the zipper in the back? I said they would probably look bad if the zipper were ever to be worn unzipped. I was planning on just leaving that to my imagination because I figured it would probably never happen.

Well, it has….and I was right, it looks really bad.


What you’re looking at is a pair of Dani Stahl leggings from LNA. You know, they’re just your average $115 leggings designed by the NYLON Mag style director. They have a zipper in the back that would be cool, if they were not unzipped and then worn as pants.

I can’t help but love the silver pair (they also come in a liquidy black). They’ve got that futuristic, spacey thing going on. Oh, and look! They’re zipped and they look really great that way. I’m not really in the mood to shell out $115 for shiny silver leggings, but I am now on a search for a cheaper, Spock-approved pair.


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