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“LOL”han no more?

My friend and I recently coined the term “LOL”han in reference to Lindsay Lohan. He’s a blogger with a penchant for celeb gossip and news. [The Magnificent B] Now that I’ve seen this photo of her promoting her line of leggings (6126) at a party in Beverly Hills, and it makes me like her again. Or at least, want to like her again. She looks so cute and fresh-faced. She looks years younger than she does in any recent photos I’ve seen of her. This is also one of the first outfits I’ve seen her wear in a long time that I like every part of. Yes, I’m even loving the ripped tights. I really want that dress, I mean really really want. It’s probably way out of the range of what I’m willing to spend, but if anyone reading this has any clue, comment and let me know who the designer is.

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