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Nike + Nylon + Neon = Rad Shoes

Nylon + Nike!!

16149478_61_bNylon and Nike have teamed up and finally released their limited edition neon Dunk high tops. Nike has always been the best for sneakers, whether you need them for sports or just to look straight up cool. These crazy bright neon shoes have been all over the past few issues of Nylon and I really want the pink ones. I also really like the multi-colored Nylon logo on the tongue.

They currently come in pink and green (where’s the orange?!?), and they’re $100 at UrbanOutfitters.com


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I was flipping through the May issue of Nylon and I saw this necklace that was so cute and awesome. I decided to check out the designer and I have fallen in love. Disaya is a UK based designer who’s collection features cute clothes and funky jewelry. 



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