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Miu Miu for LESS!

Leave it to the always cheap and chic Forever 21 to have their own spin on one of Spring’s most popular shoes. I fell in love with Miu Miu’s printed satin platform pumps. They came in some gorgeous colors as well. I’m not sure what it is I love about this shoe, but I love it nonetheless. The original sells for about $570 (correct me if I’m wrong..)

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$10 Forever 21 Pumps

If you’re a budget shopper (like I try to be), Forever 21 has some suedette pumps for only $10! They come in black, red, and blue. I ordered a pair, but they haven’t come in yet; so I’m not quite sure if they look as cheap as they are. Hopefully not, but for ten dollars I won’t be too disappointed. They’re perfect for somebody who doesn’t wear pumps often and wants a cheap pair to wear every now and then.



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