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Ew: Forever 21 “Joggers”

I already have a huge issue with the world of plus sized fashion, and Forever 21 is not helping. So many plus size lines and brands feature some of the tackiest and least flattering clothing I can imagine. These just made my eyes hurt:

They are Denim “Joggers,” which I’m assuming means they’re pretty much denim sweatpants. And they are so tragically paired with sky high heels. How is that at all supposed to be flattering or attractive on a curvy girl? Even a skinny girl? Harem pants are gaining popularity, but they taper at the ankle to show that the wearer has some sort of figure. These pants just add ten pounds, who wants that?The point at the ankle where the pants stop is terrible, if you don’t have Nicole Richie’s ankles, then I can’t even imagine the horrid stumps your legs will turn into.

But, if for some reason these are your kind of thing, they’re $24.80 and also come in terribly outdated light denim.

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