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How To: Top Knot!

The classic ballerina top knot has turned messy and chic for summer. It’s super easy and a great way to keep your hair up during the hot summer months.

  1. You need a rubber hair band and second day hair. It’s possible to do with clean hair, but much easier with dirty hair.

2. Flip your head over, brush your hair out and pull it together on top of your head.

3. End up with a totally 90’s top ponytail

4. Twist that ponytail, make sure its tight and that you twist it as far to the end as you can.

(You can also braid the ponytail to the make the bun more interesting!)

5. Twist the twist around itself to create a messy bun, secure the bun with the hair band and take care of any fly aways with some bobby pins.

6. Fix your bangs and you’re done!

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