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Oh Chanel, say it isn’t so!

I bring sad news today. My favorite design house of all time, Chanel–has for the first time in my life, failed me. In recent years, a certain, hideous line of purses have been popping up on soccer moms and that girl from high school who lived in her Sperrys and Clarks. My Aunt has tried to buy me one, we’ve all seen them…..

Vera Bradley purses.


vera-bradley-handbags1They look like something someone’s grandmother would make as a hobby. It’s that gift you’d accept with a smile, then leave it in the back of your closet to be lost forever. I’m very proud of my own grandmother for not carrying one of these bags. She’s currently toting around a Hayden Harnett for Target bag and that is why I love her, but I digress… 

I just dislike the sewing circle-esque patterns and the overall construction of the bags. 

Not ten minutes ago I discovered something that will probably forever haunt the fashion obsessed side of my brain.

Click to find out what is haunting my dreams…..oh Karl…why?

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