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Anchors Away

I love my thrifted vintage anchor flats!


But they definitely are not beach shoes.

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Urban Excursion

I got a Saturday off and the last thing I wanted to do was spend it at home. The heat wasn’t so bad today, so I spent the day out and about.

Shirt: Vintage

Skirt: Target

Purse: Coach

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Easy Pretty

I was never one to gravitate towards things that are “pretty.” I like a more modern and edgy sort of style, but when the heat gets intense sometimes it’s best to have an easy dress.

I love this dress because the floral pattern really stands out and requires minimal accessories. I already get fashionably lazy during the Summer because even after 22 years, I can’t take the heat. So I do love having pieces that make it look like I tried, without even having to think about it.

I love this photo, but hate that my belt is askew so we will just pretend it’s not…

Dress: Vintage, Funky Monkey

Shoes: Target

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Denim Jacket Love

It’s about 10 million degrees with 100% humidity and getting hotter way down here in New Orleans, but I am obsessing over denim jackets for some reason. Its such a classic piece, but edgy as well. So here are some beautiful people, in fabulous jackets.

The Vintage:

Via: Kryz Uy

I love oversized 80’s/90’s denim anything, and I think this jacket is perfect paired with a simple tank and delicate skirt.

The Denim on Denim:

Via: Olivia Harrison

Denim on denim takes guts and a healthy dose of confidence, paired with some attitude, you’ve got one great outfit.

The Modern Style:

Via: Jessica Stein

I love the simple front and layered back of this cropped jacket, her simple black ensemble really lets it stand out.

The Classic:

Via: Sarah B.

Just your classic, simple, denim jacket perfectly paired with a flirty dress and adorable shoes.

The DIY:

Via: Lydia Rose

While this is a moto vest, it’s still denim, so it counts. I love the randomly placed studs, gems, buttons and cute bow.

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Vintage Shopping Tips

photo: miss.libertine

Whether you’re trying to have a more unique wardrobe, can’t get into modern fashion, or just want to look like Joan from Mad Men, Vintage shopping can be an exciting experience. So if you’re new to the world of vintage, here are a few tips to help get you started!


  • Clothing/Jewelry/Accessories from the 1940’s to the 1990’s is vintage, anything older is antique, anything newer is contemporary.

Notable Qualities:

  • Washing instructions on tags did not come about until the 1970’s, which is an easy way to discern whether or not a piece is from the ’60s or the ’70s as some styles were similar in both decades.
  • Clothing from the ’40s and ’50s will most often have a metal zipper, some modern clothing has metal zippers, but older ones are thicker and rougher. Keeping an eye out for the zipper makes it easy to recognize if a piece is true vintage or if it is a reproduction.
  • Many items from the ’40s and ’50s will have buttons instead of zippers. But most pieces almost always have either one. When it comes to buttons, there isn’t any real way to tell. So you have to guess for yourself, or check the tag…
  • Tags from this time period were simple, usually rectangular with only a brand name and sometimes a location (many items were locally made, not mass produced like today).
  • Let the different patterns and prints help you identify what decade the item is from. For example: Light florals, muted colors, polka dots, pin dots and checkered patterns were common in the ’40s and ’50s. Color blocking, bigger, brighter florals, paisley and geometric prints were common for the ’60s and ’70s. Neons, animal prints, geometric prints (again) were common in the 80’s. Darker florals, ditsy florals and plaid were common in the 90’s.
  • For the most part, just study up on the decade you’re most interested in. Sometimes if the tag is obviously not modern, simply looking over the style of the garment is the easiest way to identify when it was made.

Jewelry, Handbags, other Accessories:

Purses and accessories mainly follow the last thing I said, you just have to know the era. A bright leather cross-body bag is most likely ’80s, whereas a small handbag with a clasp is probably ’50s.

Jewelery can be tricky. Vintage style jewelry is popular right now, so many places are going to have vintage reproduction jewelry. It’s usually rather easy to tell though, the quality will be different and the price will be much lower. Your best bet if you are unsure about a piece is to ask the seller, whether it be online or in person. Most of the time they will know, and sometimes they’ll even know where it came from and if there’s an interesting story behind it.

One thing to look for is any kind of marking or name. Not all vintage jewelry will have one, but if it does, looking up the name will help you know for sure.

Don’t think just because it’s vintage it’s going to be high quality and real. One mistake I notice people make is claiming a glamorous piece made with fake stones must be modern and cheap. There was plenty of gorgeous costume jewelry in the ’50s and ’60s and plenty of gaudy plastic jewelry in the ’80s. It doesn’t mean it’s not worth anything today, these pieces are still hard to find and rather valuable.

Some very valuable and hard to find materials are: bakelite, resin, bone, lucite and celluloid.



That’s all I’ve got for now, I hope these tips are helpful!

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Spring Styling!

While some of you out there are freezing, New Orleans has warmed up. The weather is perfect right now and its already starting to feel like Spring. It just so happens that this time around, I got to style the displays at work and I chose some fun, bright looks to get everyone’s minds off the chilly Winter. (Pardon the cell phone photos!)

I did these three with V-Day and Spring in mind, which sometimes don’t really go hand in hand.

The first outfit features high-waisted lace shorts, a salmon pink long sleeve henley and vintage suede vest with fringe for a bright and edgy look.

The second is classically modern vintage, a long paisley dress, vintage pearls, and a mint green belt at the waist.

The third is girly and adorable; I chose a crisp white shirt with a cute Peter Pan collar, draped floral shrug, a bright pink pencil skirt and a cute bird pendant.

For this outfit I wanted simple, cute, 90’s. I used all vintage pieces circa the 1990’s. (Which probably makes it easier? Maybe the challenge would have been to use modern pieces?)


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Vintage Score!

Super quick post, but I just got a great vintage dress that someone brought into the shop today. Pure silk, super soft, green leopard print. Sneak peek before I style it up:

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Day to Night: Leopard

In my opinion, leopard print isn’t going anywhere. It may disappear from the runways and fashion mags every now and then, but it’s always a classic staple and best presented with a retro twist. So I got to playing around with styling a dress I’ve been coveting and decided to do a Day to Night post.

The dress:

Trashy Diva’s Ballerina Mini Dress.

I absolutely, completely adore Trashy Diva. Their clothing has the most flattering fit, perfect tailoring and is the best combination of modern and retro.


For day, you want to choose simple accessories and really let the dress do all the work. A simple cropped black cardigan or shrug (unbuttoned to show off the neckline) and black oxfords keep it relaxed and casual. Minimal jewelry like a leather wrap bracelet work well with the shoes and bag. I chose a structured brown leather bag to contrast all the black and play off the brown in the dress.



I went absolutely retro glamorous for the night look. Red and Leopard print are a classic combination and one that I couldn’t avoid. I chose a retro red pump and black stockings. For jewelry, I intentionally chose House of Harlow 1960, one of my favorites and I think a perfect compliment to this dress. Grab a vintage or vintage inspired clutch or evening bag, a beige trench for that wonderful modern/retro edge, a glorious updo and you’re good to go. Even better than the trench would the be the black velvet Bustle Jacket from Trashy Diva.

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Alexa Chung Is Coming to A City Near You


Alexa Chung is the absolute best at making vintage, thrifted clothing fabulous. Or at making new clothing look vintage. Or making vintage clothing look fresh and new. Or making the “slouchy” look really work. She’s just good, man.

And now she’s bringing her style and thrifting abilities to PBS of all places with her new show Thrift America. She’ll travel the U.S. in search of great pieces at garage sales, consignment shops and the like. I’m super excited because I love thrifting and vintage shopping, and I love the idea of Alexa Chung showing me how. I’m also really hoping she makes her way to New Orleans because I personally think we have a great number of wonderful thrift stores. Will you be tuning in this Summer?

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