I think fashion is a huge part of life, for the people that choose for it to be so. You are seen in clothing every day, the way you present yourself in said clothing shows so much about who you are and your personality. It is such an integral part in creating who you are, who you were, who you want to be…

And I just think that is a wonderful thing.

I am currently residing in New Orleans, it’s a beautiful city and definitely one of a kind. The local style here is unlike that of anywhere else. You’ve got an artistic side mixed with Southern splendor and good background in the ways of partying. People here dress boldly, even the ones who aren’t trying to be stylish. I love traveling and intend on moving around as much as I can so I can experience a number of places and what they offer. I think there is so much to see in this world and I intend to see it all (or most…or some).

It feels useless to say I love fashion, being as this blog is a pretty obvious representation of that. So, if you were curious; I love reading. I absolutely love a good book. I’m also a total nerd. If I felt I had the time, I would write a tech blog. But I’d prefer to put all of my focus here. I always feel strange talking about myself, and I think reading this blog will give a good idea of who I am.

One thought on “About

  1. Brigid Catherine says:

    i love you’re blog! I just spent like half an hour looking at everything, lol. I hope you might like mine too! http://www.brigidcatherine.wordpress.com

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