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On having staple pieces that are not staples…

There’s always that post about “X Amount of Staple Pieces YOU Need in Your Closet.” Isn’t fashion and personal style about being an individual? We don’t all need “One great pair of jeans!” I don’t like jeans, and I don’t need one great pair in my closet taking up space and gathering dust. I define staple pieces as pieces that you own and go with everything else in your closet. These are items that, say you have five, you could grab any outfit you own and at least two of them would work with that outfit. They allow you to play around with your style and try out trends without losing yourself and your individuality.

Now, please forgive my terrible quality bathroom mirror photos, they are the best examples I have of my own staples.


ImageI love plaid, and for me plaid goes very far. Whether its like above, sheer plaid paired with leggings and some boots for comfy and cool, or tucked into a dressy skirt and paired with heels for a night out. I also love plaid shirts as something to just throw on unbuttoned when I feel like I’m just missing something. Vintage men’s plaid has a special place in my heart.

Jackets and Cardigans!



I may or may not be an old man. In addition to plaid, I love cardigans. As seen in my example, I’m wearing a girly floral dress. My trusty black cardi keeps it closer to my personal style, but also works with the 90s feel of a ditsy floral dress. Of course there is my striped jacket that is perfect for pairing with good accessories to help dress up a basic outfit base.

T-Shirts and Dressy Dresses!


I don’t mean to brag, but I have a pretty great collection of tees and I love to pair them with everything. T-shirts are probably the most essential staple in my wardrobe because I do so much with them. And lastly, a piece that is not necessarily meant to be paired with anything else, but is something I think I need in my closet: a dressy dress. It stands alone, but isn’t something I wear too often. I think it’s important to have a couple of really killer options, so when I do get very dressed up, I don’t have to try too hard.

All of the pieces follow along with my personal style, but allow me to step out of my zone every once in a while, but still feel comfortable with what I’m wearing. If you’re more of a girly girl and go all out in leather and studs, you just won’t feel like yourself. But something covered in studs that comes in a girly color? Go for that shit.

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Vintage Score!

Super quick post, but I just got a great vintage dress that someone brought into the shop today. Pure silk, super soft, green leopard print. Sneak peek before I style it up:

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Sartorial Resolutions

I know it’s already January 20th and I’m so behind on this, but this month has flown by and don’t people procrastinate on their resolutions anyway?

1. Make My Blog Better

I really love blogging, and I always think there is room for improvement. I need posts that are more interesting instead of just general opinion and pointing out trends. I need to keep the few of you reading this entertained and maybe pick up a few new readers on the way! Jessica of What I Wore has some great blogging tips and I’ve always admired her and her blogging expertise.

2. Take More Outfit/Personal Photos

A blog that isn’t personal just seems cold and boring; filled with photos that belong to other people. I need something that you can only see here, and all of my adorable outfits and expensive camera are going to waste! What better way to write about current trends and my personal style than to post my own representation of those things?

My fave color? Mustard yellow. Bronze ring: vintage.

3. Be Daring

I’ve always taken the safe side when it comes to fashion. Years of low self esteem caused me to not care how I looked. I felt comfortable sitting at the computer and putting my knowledge of fashion out there in a way where nobody had to see me and I could hang out in gym shorts and a band shirt. No more, I’ve got a great new job where we are encouraged to be stylish and some new confidence. I’ve always been good at putting outfits together and dressing other people, I need to start doing so for myself.

4. Wear Leggings Less

Leggings can be very chic and the perfect medium between tights and jeans, but I wear them way too much. When I don’t feel like trying I immediately go for leggings, and slouchy layers. I go running in leggings. I sleep in leggings. I lounge around my apartment in leggings. I can’t completely get rid of them, but this goes along with being daring. I need to get creative and find something else to wear.

5. Get A Classic White Shirt

The classic white button up is an absolute wardrobe staple and can be styled in so many ways. I know it’s nothing too out there and kind of brings me back to my safe place, but I feel this is one safe, simple piece that you can take so so far.

6. Accessorise

The accessories can sometimes make the outfit. I need to amp up my accessories. I’ve recently purchased a myriad of rings, as I’ve found I love wearing quite a few at once. And a couple of fab rings can dress up the simplest of outfits. Same goes for other jewelry and accessories. I own only a few scarves, one hat, and I’m a “get a good purse and use it until it falls apart” kind of person.


And that’s all I’ve got for now! But #1 is most important. If you stumble upon my little blog and you’re reading this now, please please take a look through and leave me a comment telling me what I could improve! It would be greatly appreciated.


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